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Lender APR Rate (%) Points Fees Monthly Payment More
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NMLS ID: 3030
3.161% 2.875%
1.38 $2,750 $1,919

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Wisconsin 10 Year Fixed Conforming Mortgage: Table 2

Lender APR Rate (%) Points Fees Monthly Paymenti More
Winona National Bank
Updated 03/25/2015
2.87% 2.63 0.00 $3,185.00 $1,896.79
The Park Bank
Updated 03/30/2015
2.79% 2.70 0.00 $1,015.00 $1,903.64
Bank First National
Updated 03/25/2015
2.88% 2.75 0.00 $1,660.00 $1,908.22
Waukesha State Bank
Updated 04/16/2015
2.83% 2.75 0.00 $0.00 $1,908.22
Westbury Bank
Updated 03/30/2015
2.93% 2.75 0.00 $0.00 $1,908.22
Great Midwest Bank, S.S.B.
Updated 04/16/2015
2.96% 2.85 0.00 $933.00 $1,917.40
Mound City Bank
Updated 03/25/2015
2.95% 2.88 0.00 $1,014.00 $1,919.70
National Exchange Bank and Trust
Updated 03/12/2015
2.93% 2.88 0.00 $730.00 $1,919.70
North Shore Bank, FSB
Updated 04/14/2015
3.09% 2.99 0.00 $1,072.00 $1,930.29
Northwestern Bank
Updated 04/16/2015
3.15% 3.00 0.00 $1,548.00 $1,931.21
The First National Bank and Trust Company
Updated 03/12/2015
3.08% 3.00 0.00 $900.00 $1,931.21
State Bank of Cross Plains
Updated 03/16/2015
3.10% 3.00 0.00 $1,232.00 $1,931.21
Bank of Wisconsin Dells
Updated 03/16/2015
3.12% 3.00 0.25 $1,655.00 $1,931.21
Dairy State Bank
Updated 03/16/2015
3.08% 3.00 0.00 $993.00 $1,931.21
Updated 03/25/2015
4.05% 3.94 0.00 $2,973.00 $2,019.20
Monona State Bank
Updated 04/16/2015
4.08% 4.00 0.00 $454.00 $2,024.90

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Rates in this table are based on loan amount of $200,000 and a variety of factors including credit score and loan to value ratios. For specific requirements please check with the lender. Rates may change at any time.

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