Trump Is Preparing to Fire Jay Powell and Replace Him with Jim Cramer
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Trump Is Preparing to Fire Jay Powell and Replace Him with Jim Cramer

Author: Ari Socolow on September 6, 2019

Trump tweeted at 8:22 AM this morning:

"I agree with @jimcramer, the Fed should lower rates. They were WAY too early to raise, and Way too late to cut - and big dose quantitative tightening didn’t exactly help either. Where did I find this guy Jerome? Oh well, you can’t win them all!"

Trump doesn’t hide his cards very well, and here he doesn't want to.  He is threatening Powell here to get his 50 basis point cut this month.   When it is only 25, as most expect, he is going to fire him.   Powell says he will refuse to leave.   I wrote in October that I think the President has the right to fire him.

Cramer, of course, is great entertainment.   He is a real showman and he is showing some swag on CNBC with David Faber this morning because he knows he is closer to the job he wants.   I am not sure about his qualifications to be Fed Chair, but he certainly is a strong advocate for the stock market, and from that podium he might just drive the Dow Jones to 30,000 before the election.


Ari Socolow
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