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Never a promotion.   Interactive Brokers is differentiated in that it is the only recognized US-based online broker that allows access to foreign currencies and foreign equity markets.   Due to this feature and lower margin rates, they never offer promotions. 

Equity Commission Rate

Equity commissions for everything other than IBKR Lite work according to a tiered structure but are never more than 1% for US listed equities.

Equity commissions on non-US listed issues may actually by higher (such as for Norwegian listed stocks).

Interactive Brokers complete commission structure on equities is listed here.

Option Rate

Pricing is a tiered structure according to trades per month.   More active traders will pay as little as $0.25 per US contract, but others will pay $0.50 or $0.65.

Margin Interest Rate

Interactive Brokers charges the benchmark rate plus 1.50% on margin under $100,000.

It charges the benchmark rate plus 1% on margin between $100,000 and $1 MM.

It charges the benchmark rate plus 0.5% on margin above $1 MM.

Margin rates in IBKR Lite are much higher.

Learn more here.



Interest on Uninvested Cash

0.   In fact, Interactive Brokers is now charging to hold cash in currencies where the interest rate is below the US benchmark rate (basically every currency).

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  • November 24, 2021 |

    trying to attract a more sophisticated investor but replete with fees, obfuscation

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