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| Feb 25, 2022

I joined Citi with a Costco-VISA card. An Accelerate followed, and then a checking account. Costco-VISA is necessary for using a credit card at Costco, otherwise cash is necessary. Accelerate Savings was opened to park so...Read more.

| Dec 29, 2022

Beware of Pnc they have no loyalty for long time customer no matter how much u have deposited

| Aug 6, 2022

The idea that they aren't competing is wrong. They'll give you 1% more on your savings if you run around promoting their brand and get a friend to sign up. Great marketing scheme actually, since those so inclined will be blas...Read more.

| Jan 22, 2023

Terrible bank, got their high interest IRA savings with no annual fee, then Capital One decides to get out of iRA business and transfers the IRA savings account to another bank who charges an annual fee that wipes out the in...Read more.

| Jan 18, 2023

The website is constantly down. I'll move all my accounts to a less recognized name with a better rate as that gives me fewer surprises like this.

| Jul 29, 2022

Been with Etrade-Morgan Stanley for decades. Always fantastic service & can move funds online in a second from savings to brokerage for trading. Very competitive on saving rates. Very happy customer in Frisco, TX!

| Jan 7, 2023

After being a customer for 12 plus years, I attempted to open and Estate account. Ally declined my application saying they could not verify me even though I am a long time customer with six figures in assets on deposit. ...Read more.

| Apr 14, 2020

I call HSBC they told me they don't have 1.85 1 year CD. current CD is 0.8 / year

| Dec 20, 2022

Excellent customer service. Professional, informative and courteous.

| Jun 10, 2022

This bank hasn't raised their rates! Maybe I was sleeping but I need to get out of here fast.

| Nov 28, 2022

While USAA was at one point a great option for all your banking needs, the service has deteriorated so much that I'm currently in the process of changing banks after more than 2 decades. The final straw was on November 23rd,...Read more.

| Jan 7, 2023

Comparing other online banks including Ally, Discover has never let me down. Having accounts with them for 12 plus years, and being a AAA member, I get five basis points more interest over the published rates. I wish Di...Read more.

OneWest Bank, a division of First-Citizens Bank and Trust

| Jun 2, 2022

I've been a customer since CIT emerged from the financial crisis as a real competitor in this space (14 years or so). Zero complaints about anything over this time ... until today. Now they are offering a higher rate 0.90% f...Read more.

Zions Bank

| Aug 7, 2020

Had a car loan with them. Paid it off because I was selling the vehicle. They told me it would take 10 business days to clear the transaction (it was immediate via electronic) and was out of my account that day. But still to...Read more.

| Jun 13, 2022

3 days for an ach is not market when most banks on this list do it instantly. even frigging rising bank. customer service is beyond dreadful.

| Nov 5, 2022

I was getting ready to link this bank account to move funds elsewhere to better paying account but first was going to send a message asking if the current 2.8% rate was long term or not. Looked at my BRIO DIRECT PLUS account ...Read more.

| Jan 11, 2023

a great bank for naive people who can be easily separated from the money that they should be earnings. i fell for the flashing of a 4.05% rate. but I am not naive, so i moved out the small amount of money that i had deposite...Read more.

| Aug 31, 2022

never had a problem moving money in/out. After trying a couple banks with higher rates but less service will be moving my money back here.

| Dec 2, 2022

No such limits as referred to by Jonathan. Perfectly Happy with service and keep adjusting the rate!

| Oct 3, 2022

The rate is not always competitive (but I am checking now on October 3, 2022 and it is above Ally, Barclays, Marcus, Synchrony). I still give CIBC an A+. It is all about transfers. Theirs are easy, reliable.

| Jan 9, 2023

TIAA stole money from university professors and staff and mismanaged assets so badly that a generation of people in academia were denied a comfortable retirement.

| Sep 6, 2019

Went to bank yesterday this is not a good rate. Needs to be updated.

| Jan 16, 2023

I will play my part and give my business to a small, family-owned company over a behemoth every time that I am given the chance with most products but Vio is a complete shitshow and has sent me back to Ally, a larger player b...Read more.

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