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| Feb 25, 2022

I joined Citi with a Costco-VISA card. An Accelerate followed, and then a checking account. Costco-VISA is necessary for using a credit card at Costco, otherwise cash is necessary. Accelerate Savings was opened to park so...Read more.

| Jun 29, 2023

$10K monthly transfer limit. No thanks

| Feb 15, 2024

best bank on the list but no longer the most competitive

| Jan 2, 2024

Like others, I've been with Capital One and its predecessor ING Direct since 2007. I've also been getting cheap bank rates on my savings account and didn't realize that there was something better, although I've limited the am...Read more.

| Apr 20, 2024

You really cannot prepare for how bad the customer service is on this one until you try to try to open and account and then need to call to find out why it wasn't funded promptly with your ACh bank instructions. I spoke to tw...Read more.

| Jan 29, 2024

Tried to enter information on line to open a 5 year CD, multiple time and wasn't accepted. Talked to a live person who was of no help at all. My credit score is over 800 and I have plenty of money in other institutions, for...Read more.

| Nov 18, 2023

bad bank hold your deposit over months without credit in your account, no interest, they don’t want pay you interest , they want your money with 0% interest.

OneWest Bank, a division of First-Citizens Bank and Trust

| Feb 25, 2023

I have been working for this company more than 5 years. I would not recommend any investment with First Citizens Bank. They are the worst performer on the market based on the customer and employee reviews, because all smart ...Read more.

| Jan 10, 2024

Account was frozen (over 400K) after they confused our account with another account / person whose name was not even very similar. We were treated like dirt after 12 years and "Guilty until Innocent". I had to get a...Read more.

| Aug 13, 2023

Been a customer for a couple of years now with interesting checking, been a happy customer. They give you a $10 reimbursement on atm fees per statement cycle. They pay you to leave your money there currently 15k+ at 0.25%, ...Read more.

| May 8, 2023

STAY BELOW FDIC limits. This is a desperate product unleashed from a distressed bank!

| Apr 14, 2020

I call HSBC they told me they don't have 1.85 1 year CD. current CD is 0.8 / year

| Jan 10, 2024

AVOID at all costs. We read the addendum to the final page of the LENGTHY account agreement mailed to us after completing the online portion. Guess what? It gives this sweet seeming Discover Bank access to our CELL PHONES, in...Read more.

| Nov 28, 2022

While USAA was at one point a great option for all your banking needs, the service has deteriorated so much that I'm currently in the process of changing banks after more than 2 decades. The final straw was on November 23rd,...Read more.

| Oct 23, 2023

Synchrony Bank recently closed 3 of my accounts with them and this decision was completely unwarranted. I had two Guitar Center cards and one Levin Furniture card. I found out about this through a push notification with Credi...Read more.

| Jun 10, 2022

This bank hasn't raised their rates! Maybe I was sleeping but I need to get out of here fast.

| Aug 7, 2020

Had a car loan with them. Paid it off because I was selling the vehicle. They told me it would take 10 business days to clear the transaction (it was immediate via electronic) and was out of my account that day. But still to...Read more.

Zions Bank

| Dec 30, 2018


| Mar 16, 2024

If there was ever a bank that deserves 5 negative stars, then Brio Direct would be that bank. My experience started off fine with the initial deposit of $5000.00 from Sikorsky Financial Credit Union. After that I set up trans...Read more.

| Apr 20, 2024

Even staying well within FDIC limits, the frustration isn't worth your time! Dopey bank trying desperately to avoid govt closure.

| Sep 18, 2023

I agree with another user, this bank is very poorly put together, and may very well be an operation in large part used to extract and sell people's personal information. I called customer service and had to wait for approxim...Read more.

| Nov 8, 2023

I see nothing exciting about AmEx Bank. Sign on is a hassle and the rates are adequate. Multiple accounts are not summarized. To cancel maturing CDs require phoning in or snail mail. Above average service does not equate ...Read more.

| Jul 23, 2023

easy to work with but the rate isn't competitive. not even the leading savings rate banks are competitive versus short us treasuries.

| Dec 21, 2023

Very easy to setup 6 month 5.35% CD from cornerstone account

| Nov 12, 2023

This was terrible as Everbank. Then it was terrible as TIAA. Now it is terrible as Everbank again. Not sure where they are going with the branding, but still terrible. (Bestcashcow's system is forcing me to give it one-ha...Read more.

| Mar 14, 2018

Poor service. Condescending attitude. Savings application denied without giving reason (Equifax file had a freeze because of hacking history) and not advising customer of need to unfreeze credit file for application verificat...Read more.

| Feb 15, 2024

I was able to sign up and then there was a long delay before I was allowed to fund and a long delay to get funded. Once I got a little money in the account it seemed to be just a front for pushing other services. Closed this ...Read more.

Sallie Mae Bank

| Aug 26, 2023

I have no issues with Bask Bank nor Texas Capital Bank. They provide good apy on savings and CD's, bank to keep funds secured so yes they do have strict security measures but if you don't like it than go to your local bank t...Read more.

| Apr 20, 2024

Save your tears for another day. Very frustrating. 1-star.

| Mar 21, 2023

Parent seems to be owned by a large Chilean bank. Not saying this is good or bad, but it is complication, especially in the current environment.

| May 17, 2022

Not what it seems. Avoid!

Mutual of Omaha Bank, a division of CIT Bank

| Dec 21, 2022

Stay away from this bait and switch bank that uses teaser rates. They lowered my interest rate twice in the first 2 months of opening my account. They said they had the right to change their rate at any time.

| Jul 18, 2023

I got into this one back in early April for the rate. It was the first to hit 5%. I put up with all sorts of annoying thing getting the account funded (including a 5-day wait period during which they had the money and paid ...Read more.

| Dec 18, 2023

I submitted a CD application 18 months 5.50 APY over a week ago and my application was declined no reason was given, I have the funds in another bank for transfer, credit score over 800. I think the reason is because the inte...Read more.

| Aug 13, 2023

Yup Bread has 5k daily and 30k monthly limit on ach transfers. It's low but there are other banks who have similar ach limits if not lower like Valley Direct Bank and BMO Alto. The part that bothers me is that Bread doesn't...Read more.

| Jun 26, 2022

ACH transfers are not allowed. Called and was told that I had to set up wire transfers (and pay fees) or I could come in to the bank and get a bank check.

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