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Virtually everyone is generally familiar with FDIC insurance. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), of course, is an independent agency of the U.S. government that protects depositors against loss of their deposits if their bank or thrift institution fails. The FDIC is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. All federal credit unions and most state-chartered credit unions are covered by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) which is operated and managed by the NCUA and operates very similarly.

To be fully insured, you must make sure that your deposits follow the FDIC guidelines and limits. These guidelines are based on different account ownership categories, with up to $250,000 of coverage allowed for each category of account ownership you have in one bank, not by how many accounts you have in that bank. It is important to understand that if you have a CD with $250,000, a savings account with $250,000, and checking account with $100,000 at the same bank in the same ownership category, you are exposed to the bank in the amount of $350,000.

Bank Headquarters Date Established Climate
Assets (1000s)

| Jan 2, 2023

Terrible customer service by investment side. Fees too high , too full of themselves

| Jul 24, 2023

BOFA is a den of people thieves camouflaged as bank operatives. There’s a soon to be uncovered carrel of money laundry there. They took all my money and don’t want to release it to me for no particular reason. I n...Read more.

| Feb 6, 2023

after over 100k in transactions through this bank in the course of a year not only did i suffer from fraud but this bank closed my accounts and i have been lliable for all the losses and to top it off with all the great insur...Read more.

| Feb 25, 2022

I joined Citi with a Costco-VISA card. An Accelerate followed, and then a checking account. Costco-VISA is necessary for using a credit card at Costco, otherwise cash is necessary. Accelerate Savings was opened to park so...Read more.

| Jun 12, 2023

US Bank reported me to dult Protective Services because my husband is 85 and I am63. He got sick and went into a nursing hime for 3 months. My husband always handled the financial affairs. I had to take over not knowing anyth...Read more.

| May 18, 2019

Had checking and savings for years when living in Philly. Went into PNC 2.35 APY high yield savings. They have thus far maintained rate. Easy web site and great customer phone service. Still maintain checking for annual RMDs....Read more.

| Apr 22, 2021

0.65% APY 9m-CD looks good even if interest rates have bottomed.

| Jul 28, 2022

Not at all happy with Truist compared to BB+T. New transaction policy makes them painfully slow. Paying .01 % interest on money market accounts, 13 week T Bill's are around $2.5%.I hope that they are enjoying the virtually ...Read more.

| Jan 2, 2024

Like others, I've been with Capital One and its predecessor ING Direct since 2007. I've also been getting cheap bank rates on my savings account and didn't realize that there was something better, although I've limited the am...Read more.

| May 19, 2018


The Bank of New York Mellon
New York, NY 01-01-1851 C $357,477,000
State Street Bank and Trust Company
Boston, MA 01-01-1792 C $333,667,000

| Feb 12, 2020


| Jan 29, 2024

Tried to enter information on line to open a 5 year CD, multiple time and wasn't accepted. Talked to a live person who was of no help at all. My credit score is over 800 and I have plenty of money in other institutions, for...Read more.

| Mar 20, 2016

Good solid bank.

| Feb 25, 2023

I have been working for this company more than 5 years. I would not recommend any investment with First Citizens Bank. They are the worst performer on the market based on the customer and employee reviews, because all smart ...Read more.

| Aug 5, 2020

I used to go to M&T when it was still Provident Bank. M&T has been very responsive to my needs and I have been pleased with the banking experience.

| Nov 12, 2018

Helpful w/$

Morgan Stanley Bank, National Association
Salt Lake City, UT 05-25-1990   $212,723,000

| Feb 6, 2022

The above frustration also holds true for the Morgan Stanley investment teams. They are very reluctant to help when it comes to Estate Issues such as Power of Attorney. They seem to think they can override an estate trust an...Read more.

| Mar 18, 2021

I called Huntington yesterday and the branch manager told me that the rate listed on Best Cash Cow doesn't exist.........

| Mar 15, 2023

Really don't know where to start other then AENB is a waste of your time and effort. Find another bank in Salt Lake City that knows how to treat clients, has a customer service department and cares about what you think. This ...Read more.

| Mar 28, 2023

On line banking gives a confirmation number when paying bills. But it doesn’t confirm that the bill will be paid only that they have the information. Ridiculous.

| Jan 7, 2023

After being a customer for 12 plus years, I attempted to open and Estate account. Ally declined my application saying they could not verify me even though I am a long time customer with six figures in assets on deposit. ...Read more.

| Apr 14, 2020

I call HSBC they told me they don't have 1.85 1 year CD. current CD is 0.8 / year

The Northern Trust Company
Chicago, IL 01-01-1889   $155,572,769
Regions Bank
Birmingham, AL 01-01-1928   $153,946,000

| Jan 7, 2023

Comparing other online banks including Ally, Discover has never let me down. Having accounts with them for 12 plus years, and being a AAA member, I get five basis points more interest over the published rates. I wish Di...Read more.

| Nov 28, 2022

While USAA was at one point a great option for all your banking needs, the service has deteriorated so much that I'm currently in the process of changing banks after more than 2 decades. The final straw was on November 23rd,...Read more.

| Dec 3, 2018


| Aug 24, 2018

Flagstar is nothing but a bunch of bitches and if they think i.m sending this check to them signed they can kiss my fuckin ass. I will let this house fall apart before they make a damn dime of me, How you people sleep at nig...Read more.

Salt Lake City, UT 09-15-2003   $110,524,752

| May 11, 2023

They made mistakes twice and would not correct them

City National Bank
Los Angeles, CA 12-04-1953   $92,425,114
Zions Bancorporation, N.A.
Salt Lake City, UT 07-06-1873   $87,060,372

| Dec 30, 2018


| Oct 18, 2016

IF the Cd's our that high then way i'm i the last to find out what The apys are.

Western Alliance Bank
Phoenix, AZ 02-03-2003   $76,954,025
Webster Bank, National Association
Stamford, CT 01-01-1870 C $76,090,821

| Mar 15, 2023

Oh Natty natty natty, haha the fact you need to take out (probably a second) loan for $160,000 on a $625,000 sends up all kinds of red flags. The bank was right to run away from YOU dear hahaha.

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