2024 Credit Card Dining Guide

We all love to dine out, but we especially love to dine out when we are earning something for out dining.

restaurant dinner Image Courtesy: Pixabay.com

In addition to signing up for dining rewards with you favorite airline (United, American and Delta all have programs that earn miles at participating restaurants), it is important to have a card that maximizes rewards. But, rewards all have different underlying values. Using BestCashCow’s rewards values, we’ve determined the following to be the eight best cards for dining spend in 2024.

Card Point Value
Dining Bonus Total Notes
Citi Prestige® Card 1.95 5x 9.80% $495 / year
Chase Sapphire Reserve 2.05 3x 6.15% $450 / year
AmEx® Gold 1.85 4x 7.89% US only
Capital One® Savor 1 4x 4%
Uber Visa 1 4x 4%
Bank of America® Premium Rewards® 1 3.5x 3.50% Must have $100,000 with BoA or Merrill Lynch
Hilton Aspire 0.5 7x 3.50% US Only
Wells Fargo Propel Amex 1 3.5x 3.50%

* BestCashCow.com estimates

All of these cards but the Uber and Wells Fargo cards have fees, and some of these cards have significant annual fees that are not waived in the first year. Therefore it is unlikely that you would choose a card specifically for its dining value. Rather you should choose a card based on its entire value across all categories where you concentrate spend. BestCashCow provides a tool to let you analyze the best over overall credit cards for you based on your spending habits.