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Every year Americans collectively lose at least $80 billion in income just by putting their savings in the wrong bank accounts. Over ten years, that amounts to $825 billion in lost income, over $3,000 for every man, woman and child in the country.

That doesn't include the money lost from choosing the wrong mortgage, or home equity account, or auto loan. It also does not include the tremendous value lost from not maximizing credit card rewards.

BestCashCow's mission is to provide the information necessary to help you easily earn more money without having to take on any additional risk.

To do this, we built the largest database of bank data, tracking information on over 8,000 FDIC-insured banks and 7,700 credit unions, with 130,000 local branches and over 2,000,000 savings and money market account rates and CD rates.

We have grown to track mortgage rates, home equity line of credit and loan rates, auto loan rates, and to provide objective comparisons of online brokers and travel and reward credit card offerings.

Our articles provide information and analysis on the products and financial areas we cover. They may explain various financial terms or structures, provide economic commentary, or highlight products that we think are good deals.

Unlike our competitors, our information is comprehensive and objective. The rates we list are not based on who is paying or who is paying the most. To put it bluntly, we endeavor to list the most current information on all banks and credit unions, as well as their deposit rates and lending rates. We welcome advertising, but our listings and analysis have always been and will always be objective.

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We have come a long way from the small site that debuted in 2005. We appreciate the support of the millions of visitors, like you, who have used BestCashCow, and the support of the financial institutions who have made the site possible. We will continue to provide the best financial information, tools, analysis and resources to help all in the US to save and earn more.

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