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No promotions, unless you are younger than 12.

Option Rate

Not fully disclosed (at this point you should be wondering whether you want to be trading with these folks).

Margin Interest Rate

This is also not fully disclosed in their literature, although they will also sell you crypto and gold at very high margin.   Seriously, find a broker that also works with adults and doesn't recklessly go out to cause children to kill themselves.

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  • November 19, 2021 |

    I don't get the Robinhood thing. I am in my 60s and know lots of young people who trade actively. My young employees trade too actively. But, they aren't stupid shits, and they certainly aren't trading through these phonies. I shorted at 60 about 3 days after the IPO when I saw Jon Najarian hyping it. It is at 30 so we are part of the way there. As we get there, those using it will experience frustration in the first best case. Choose something else (just about anything else) from this list.

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