Brio Direct, a division of Webster Bank:
Savings Account - 2.15% APY

• No monthly maintenance or wire-in fees
• Online and mobile banking convenience for easy, 24/7 access
• Make up to six no-fee withdrawals or transfers each month via online banking or ACH
• E-statements so you can track it all
• The safety and security of FDIC insurance

Fee and Feature Guide

Savings Account
Interest Rate
APY 2.15%
Minimum deposit amount $25.00
Maximum deposit amount N/A
Balance Requirements
Minimum Opening Deposit $0.00
Minimum Balance to Avoid Fees $0.00
Minimum Required Balance $0.00
Monthly Maintenance Fee N/A
Foreign ATM Fees N/A
Insufficient Funds Fee N/A
Incoming Wires N/A
Paper Statements ×
Online Statements Yes
Online and Telephone Banking
Online Banking Yes
Telephone Banking Yes
Mobile Banking Yes
Deposit Checks with Mobile Device ×
Free Bill Pay Yes
Online Bill Payments Required Yes
Account Opening
Open Online Yes
Insured by F.D.I.C.

Customer Reviews for Brio Direct, a division of Webster Bank (50)

  • August 9, 2022 |

    Worst bank to solve your issue. Works great when all works fine but if you have an issue to be resolved it can take up to weeks. Long time on the phone waiting for an available customer service representative and back office very inefficient and slow to complete the process even after you send all the documentation requested. It toke me 15 days to unblock my account so I can do external transfers again and I had to escalate the issue to the manager . Very bad! do not recommend!

  • July 28, 2022 |

    worst bank ever. I opened the online account and funded it, no problem. Several days later, I verified my other bank to make another transfer, which I then made. The next day I received an email stating that they could not make the deposit to my account and the transfer function was suspended. No reason was given. I called the help number, and after consultation they said that I would need to EMAIL a photo of my drivers license [front and back] and also the first page of a statement from my bank. There is no way I am emailing a copy of my ID anywhere. This made no sense. The email then said that to get my money back, I would need to have my bank get it back! I went to my bank the next day, and they initiated a request with the fraud dept to retrieve my money. Unbelievable!

  • July 12, 2022 |

    It looks like the external transfer deposits initiated on July 7th to complete funding of the new BRIO DIRECT account finally showed up in the online balance and should be earning interest. They are at a slugs pace on external transfers for sure. However, it included the weekend so likely be less time if initiated on a Monday. A few days in petty interest had to be sacrificed because as the higher priority was to get the full balance in the account prior to 15 July so it would be reflected in the July statement. The statement cycle for this bank ends on the 15th of the month instead of the end of the month. There are some bad reviews from others on different websites who seemed to have a lot of aggravation in opening a new BRIO account and gave up and went elsewhere. However, I was determined to open this account because many of the other banks paying 1.6% or more in interest have less stable monetary ratings and Webster Bank has highest health rating.

  • July 7, 2022 |

    Decent online website and also the phone APP is not bad. but the account is lacking in areas. Just opened the BRIODIRECT savings account the end of June. The bank website is not nearly as good as say Goldman Sachs MARCUS, which is probably the best of the bunch. There were no problems with initiating the transfers into the BRIODIRECT account. It allows 500K per day into the account. Unlike MARCUS, it does NOT credit your account as soon as the transfer is initiated. You have to wait until the transfer settles into the account before earning interest. Transfers initiated today are expected to be credited on July 12th. The BRIODIRECT beneficiary set up is outdated and asinine as all the other online bank accounts I have allow the input and editing of beneficiary information directly by the account holder. Not BRIODRECT. You have to sned stupid secure messages to request the bank to add the beneficiary and then you cannot view the beneficiary information on your bank account webpage. What a bunch of crap! I had to copy and paste the messages nto a PDF file to give to the beneficiary. In order to avoid any future transfer limitations out of the account, I am linking this BRIODIRECT as an external account to the MARCUS account. That way I do not have to use BRIODIRECT transfers to get money out of the account. It is okay because I only transfer out every few months the minimum needed to not exceed the 250K balance for FDIC coverage. But beggers cannot be choosers and since it pays 1.8 percent versue 1.1 percent like Discover or Barclays, then will accept the flaws anyway.

  • March 19, 2022 |

    Deeply concerned about Sterling's ties to oligarchs, especially since they were in heavy with Michael Cohen on the taxi medallion scam. Strongly suggest everyone avoid.

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