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New Hampshire Credit Union CD Rates – 3 Month

Below are the best three month CD Rates from credit unions in New Hampshire. Three month CD rates are generally the shortest term offered by credit unions and come with the lowest interest rates. You may want to consider opening a 3 month CD if the rates are comparable to a savings and money market account, you don’t need the money for the timeperiod, and you feel that savings rates will drop.

NH - September 2, 2015
Credit Union APY Min Bal Miles ? More
Service 0.50% $1,000 - +Learn More
Gfa 0.35% $500 - +Learn More
Heritage Family 0.30% $1,000 - +Learn More
Digital 0.25% $500 - +Learn More
New Hampshire 0.25% $500 - +Learn More
Merrimack Valley 0.25% $1,000 - +Learn More
Logix 0.25% $1,000 - +Learn More
Service 0.20% $1,000 - +Learn More
Members First Credit Union Of N.h. 0.15% $1,000 - +Learn More
Bellwether Community 0.05% $500 - +Learn More

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