New Bank Offers

Marcus Raises All CD Rates
Sep 4, 2018

Marcus, the online bank owned by Goldman Sachs, has raised all of its online CD rates this morning.   While all rates have been raised, their one-year rate is now at 2.55% which is one of the highest online one-year CDs available.

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Amboy Direct raises 12 Month CD to 2.05% APY
Sep 4, 2018
Amboy Direct raises 12 Month CD to 2.05% APY from 1.26%.
Minimum $100 initial deposit. Additional deposits can be made within 6 months of account opening. Balances on $10,000 - $250,000 earn 2.05% annual percentage yield (APY), $9,999 and under earns 0.30% APY. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. New money, one offer/account  per Amboy Direct household.  Offer may be modified without notice. $100 to open, $250,000 maximum. Not available at Amboy branches. Offer code required. Member FDIC.
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MyBankingDirect raises some CD rates
Aug 31, 2018
Amtrust Direct has been rebranded to MyBankingDirect, which is a service of New York Community Bank .
MyBankingDirect has raised some CD rates to:
2.15% APY - 6 Month CD from 2.00%
2.45% APY - 12 Month CD from 2.25% and
2.75% APY - 24 Month CD from 2.50% .
The interest rate remains fixed until maturity. Fees could reduce earnings. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawals. My Banking Direct, a service of New York Community Bank reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time without notice.

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Radius Bank raises High Yield Savings Rate to 1.96% on Balances over $25,000
Aug 31, 2018

Radius Bank has raised its high yield savings rate on balances over $25,000 from 1.86% to 1.96%.   Compare all online savings rates here.

Fnbo Direct raises Online Savings Account to 1.85% APY
Aug 6, 2018
FNBO Direct is a division of First National Bank of Omaha.
Currently, the interest rate on  FNBO Direct Online Savings account is 1.83% with an annual percentage yield of 1.85% APY ( from 1.75% APY ) . Must deposit a minimum of $1.00 to open this account. The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change.

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Ally Raises Savings and 11-Month No Penalty CD rates
Aug 3, 2018

Ally Bank raised its savings rate this morning to 1.80% on all balances.   Ally also raised its 11-Month No Penalty CD rate to 2.00% on balances over $25,000.   You can find a complete list of rates and offerings from Ally here or compare all online savings rates here.

2.15% APY 6 Month CD on Dollar Savings Direct
Jul 30, 2018
Dollar Savings Direct offers 2.15% APY for 6 Month CD. Minimum $1,000 deposit.
Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly.
Automatic notification prior to maturity.

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FDIC Insurance to the maximum extent allowed by law.
A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal.

CIBC Has 15-Month In-Branch CD Special
Jul 10, 2018

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is offering a 15-month CD special at 2.68%.  This rate is attractive compared to 18 month online CDs and depending on where you live you may not find a local 18-month CD rate this high.  You'll need to get to a CIBC Bank branch to take advantage of this offer and unfortunately those are only in WI, IL and MI.

HSBC Relaunches US Online Savings Accounts
Jul 10, 2018

HSBC, the major London-based conglomerate, has relaunched an online banking product in the US.   After recently being active in the US through the HSBC Advance moniker, they have opted to go back to HSBC Direct which they used in the early 2000s.   Their online savings rate is 1.70% (hint: you will find better online savings rates here).    You can learn more about HSBC here.

Sallie Mae Bank raises online money market rates again
Jul 5, 2018

Sallie has raised it online money market rate to 1.90% from 1.75%.   For the complete list of Sallie's online rates, please visit this page.   The most comprehensive list of the best online savings and money market rates is here.