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Online Savings & Money Market Account Rates 2021

Online Savings & Money Market Account Rates

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July 2019 Savings and CD Update – Interest Rates Are Falling; How To Continue to Earn A Decent Return on Cash

Rate information contained on this page may have changed. Please find latest savings rates.

We have experienced a dramatic fall in interest rates in the US and following the Fed’s most recent meeting in June, CD rates greater than 1-year have come in dramatically.   Most recently one-year CD rates and even some online savings rates have begun to fall.

There are three different strategies that you can mix-and-match to continue to earn interest on cash against the backdrop of a likely 25 basis point cut by the Fed at the end of the month.

First, we continue to like No Penalty CDs.   We wrote about the benefits of No Penalty CDs over savings rates here.   In June, we highlighted the No Penalty CD products of Purepoint, Marcus and Ally.   As of this writing, those products are all still be offered with the same rates and minimums.   Purepoint continues to have the highest rate for these products at 2.50%, but Marcus has the lowest minimum deposit ($500). [Editor's Note: On the day of publication, Purepoint cut their 13-Month No Penalty CD rate to 2.00%.   Depositors should look at the No Penalty CDs offered by Ally and Marcus before considering Purepoint.]

We list all No Penalty CDs and other special term CDs here.

Second, we think that it makes sense to consider locking up money that you will not need in 1-year CDs.   Even if the Fed does not lower the Fed funds rate in July since Chinese trade relations may be improving, it is very unlikely that it will raise the rate more than once over the next 12 months.  Therefore, we don’t see prevailing savings rates going over 2.70% before the end of June 2020; yet, you can still lock in that rate between now and then at several online banks.   To mitigate the risks of rising rates or needing to access your cash, we suggest limiting your CDs to those banks with early withdrawal penalties of 3 months interest or less.   As of this writing, there are at least 5 online banks with 3 months early withdrawal penalties that are still offering rates of 2.70% on 1-year CDs.

You can see the complete list of 1-year CDs here.

Third, you can ride this interest rate uncertainty out by staying in savings and money market accounts, but you should fully expect that your interest rate will fall if the Fed lowers the Fed funds rate at the end of the month.   You might want to focus new deposits on those banks that are new entrants in the online market (as they will want to stay competitive as long as they are in asset accumulation mode) and those that are keeping their rates high prior to the Fed’s move.

We list all of the best online savings rates here, and you may also want to consider local savings rates and savings and money market offerings from credit unions.

The Fed Funds Rate is Unchanged at 2.25 to 2.50%; Savings And CD Rates Likely to Firm

The Federal Reserve concluded its 2-day June meeting leaving the Fed Funds rate unchanged.    As it tries to remain independent of an unrestrained Executive branch that is compaigning for sharp cuts, it removed the word “patient” from its rate outlook.   While the Fed has not committed to a July cut, eight members polled indicated that the next move will be down while one indicated that it may be up.

Online savings rates continue to be attractive and will likely firm in the wake of the Fed’s decision today.   One-year CD rates offer a nice premium over the best savings rate and could be a good place to put much of the money that you may want to keep out of other assets and do not expect to need to access over the next 12 months.

June 2019 Savings And CD Update – How Can You Protect Your Interest Rate on Cash?

Rate information contained on this page may have changed. Please find latest savings rates.

We pointed out in our May and April updates, that the Fed may be on hold for a while.   We also suggested that May could be a good time to sell and go away.   As we enter June, it looks more and more likely that the economy is heading for uncertain times as a result of unnecessary trade wars with China, Mexico and perhaps others initiated by our autocratic president.

I have highlighted No Penalty CDs in the recent past.   As we crossed through May, these became more and more attractive by the day.   These products offer the advantage of a higher interest rate and the certainty that the rate will be applied for about a year.  At the same time, No Penalty CDs give you the flexibility to access your money without penalty after 10 days should you need the money or should rates rise (which is still a distinct possibility if inflation is an outcome of these trade wars).   One disadvantage is that you ordinarily cannot make partial withdrawals, although you can always terminate the CD and reinitiate it provided rates do not fall.

As a result of their flexibility in this uncertain period, No Penalty CDs comprise recommendations 1, 2 and 3 for June.

  1. Purepoint – 13-Month No Penalty CD, 2.50%, $10,000 Minimum

Although Purepoint’s rate has fallen by 10 basis points since being initiated earlier this year, even at 2.50%, Purepoint’s No Penalty CD rate matches that of the best online savings account.  

  1. Marcus – 13-Month No Penalty CD, 2.35%, $500 Minimum

Marcus’s product can be easily set up online, has a lower minimum balance requirement than the others and can be terminated in seven days.

  1. Ally – 11-Month No Penalty CD, 2.30%, $25,000 Minimum

Ally’s No Penalty rate is not as competitive as Purepoint’s or Marcus’s, it minimum balance requirement is higher and its term is only 11-months (a longer term is actually better as it provides more protection should rates fall).  Yet, Ally makes the list because they have been offering this product for years, and it is super easy to terminate the CD and initiate a new one online should rates rise, should you require a partial withdrawal, or should you wish to extend the end date.

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The market for savings and money market products – particularly in the online space – continues to be very competitive and rates have not fallen very much as a result of increased economic uncertainty and the fall in long-term rates.  They have not fallen yet.   Savings rates are not guaranteed and could change from day-to-day.   One strategy to protect your interest rate is to look for new entrants in the online space that are spending a fair amount to gain deposits and are therefore unlikely to slash their rates for some time.

Two new entrants in May that have caught our attention are:

  1. Susquehanna Community Bank, 2.53%, $100,000 Minimum
  2. BMO Harris Bank, 2.45%, $5,000

While the rates are good, some of these new entrants are so untested that there is some risk to this strategy, and you may wish to wait to see the comments on BestCashCow about some of these banks before opening an account.

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Have a great month.