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Savings Account from BMO Bank National Association with 0.01% APY

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The product Savings Account from BMO Bank National Association with 0.01% APY and a tax rate of 30 compounded annually, with an initial amount of $20,000, after 10 years would have grown your savings to approximately $20,020. The interest earned would be $20 and the tax amount on the interest earned would be approximately $6.

Please note that this analysis assumes a constant interest rate and doesn't take into account any fees associated with the savings account

The Results for BMO Bank National Association

Savings Boost of
$-290 over 10 years
Cash Savings $20,000
Average Interest Earned $304

BMO Bank National Association Interest Earned $14



See comparison detail table

This analysis is for demonstrative purposes only and may change should certain assumptions prove incorrect. Savings rates may change and CD rates may not be renewable for the length of the term of the analysis. The difference between the bank rate entered and the average rate may not remain constant throughout the term.

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Average Rate Scenario

Annual Interest
(After Tax)
1 20,000 43 30
2 20,043 43 30
3 20,086 43 30
4 20,129 43 30
5 20,173 43 30
6 20,216 43 30
7 20,259 44 30
8 20,303 44 31
9 20,347 44 31
10 20,390 44 31
TOTAL: $434 $304

BMO Bank National Association Scenario

Annual Interest
(After Tax)
1 20,000 2 1
2 20,002 2 1
3 20,004 2 1
4 20,006 2 1
5 20,008 2 1
6 20,010 2 1
7 20,012 2 1
8 20,014 2 1
9 20,016 2 1
10 20,018 2 1
TOTAL: $20 $14

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Customer Reviews for BMO Bank National Association

  • January 29, 2024

    Tried to enter information on line to open a 5 year CD, multiple time and wasn't accepted. Talked to a live person who was of no help at all. My credit score is over 800 and I have plenty of money in other institutions, forget you.......

  • September 3, 2023

    CDs 12 Month Rates

    I do not recommend this bank! I want a cd at 5%, and they have all kinds of legal hurdles to jump through to put the CD in a living trust for my children if anything happens to me. It is documented, but they requested all kinds of documents. So, I went with my local credit union offering the same interest rate, with a whole lot less hassle and they easily accepted my living trust for my children! I refuse to work with a bank that isn't user friendly, especially if I have the money to invest in a CD! BMO doesn't deserve my business!

  • March 13, 2023 |

    CDs 12 Month Rates

    This rate is phony - check the bank website: 0.05% for 1 yr CD !!!

  • December 20, 2022 |

    CDs 60 Month Rates

    Excellent customer service. Professional, informative and courteous.

  • December 5, 2022 |

    BMO is a very large bank with many customers and branches. I have been with it ever since it acquired a local bank in 2011 with whom I had accounts. I think that the biggest thing to take from the reviews is that they are small in number. People that are satisfied are unlikely to write reviews. If there are only 3 negative ones attributed to a bank of this scale, collectively that forms a positive review. As regards my experience with this bank, I find it at least comparable to other large banks of its size and likely a bit better than average.

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