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Savings Account from U.S. Bank National Association with 0.01% APY and $1 minimum deposit

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The product Savings Account from U.S. Bank National Association with 0.01% APY and $1 minimum deposit and a tax rate of 30 compounded annually, with an initial amount of $20,000, after 10 years would have grown your savings to approximately $20,020. The interest earned would be $20 and the tax amount on the interest earned would be approximately $6.

Please note that this analysis assumes a constant interest rate and doesn't take into account any fees associated with the savings account.

The Results for U.S. Bank National Association

Savings Boost of
$-297 over 10 years
Cash Savings $20,000
Average Interest Earned $311

U.S. Bank National Association Interest Earned $14



See comparison detail table

This analysis is for demonstrative purposes only and may change should certain assumptions prove incorrect. Savings rates may change and CD rates may not be renewable for the length of the term of the analysis. The difference between the bank rate entered and the average rate may not remain constant throughout the term.

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Average Rate Scenario

Annual Interest
(After Tax)
1 20,000 44 31
2 20,044 44 31
3 20,088 44 31
4 20,132 44 31
5 20,177 44 31
6 20,221 44 31
7 20,265 45 31
8 20,310 45 31
9 20,355 45 31
10 20,400 45 31
TOTAL: $444 $311

U.S. Bank National Association Scenario

Annual Interest
(After Tax)
1 20,000 2 1
2 20,002 2 1
3 20,004 2 1
4 20,006 2 1
5 20,008 2 1
6 20,010 2 1
7 20,012 2 1
8 20,014 2 1
9 20,016 2 1
10 20,018 2 1
TOTAL: $20 $14

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5 Month CD Special. Must be linked to a standard consumer or business checking account in which 12.6% of the total combined balance is maintained. Otherwise APY is 5.25%.

Last change: ↓0.15% on May 13.
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Last change: ↑0.09% on March 12.
6 Month Jumbo CD.

Last change: ↓0.05% on May 9.

Last change: ↓0.36% on March 12.
Early Withdrawal Penalty is 3 months interest.

Customer Reviews for U.S. Bank National Association

  • June 12, 2023 |

    US Bank reported me to dult Protective Services because my husband is 85 and I am63. He got sick and went into a nursing hime for 3 months. My husband always handled the financial affairs. I had to take over not knowing anything hiw he was paying bills. Billpay, autopay or by check or credit card.
    I am in the account with him and have been. WE HAVE BEEN MARRIED 30 years next year. How dare they treat me like a goldigger. The account was just paying normal bills and me needing money to clean, move, sell a home (downsizing). I sold the house by myself to save money. Did all the work but steam cleaning carpet. I tore two tendins in my shoulder to save us money. I was taking care of my husbands needs after finding him initially dying and THEN HAD TO ENDURE TWO WEEKS OF HELL BECAUSE THE BANK DID THIS TO US. All charges DROPPED. I hate this bank staff of condescending -do gooders.

  • February 26, 2015

    I own a 3/2 brick home built in 2006 in North Richland Hills, TX near Fort Worth that has a tax appraised value of $196,000. I currently have a single mortgage with a balance of $46,000. I will have this mortgage paid off within 12 months because I am paying at an accelerated monthly amount of $5000. My credit score is 806. Can you offer me a 3.99% HELOC for $75,000 that is locked for the first 24 months of the note which will not vary more than 2% per year after the first 24 months and can I pay interest only for the first 24 months?

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