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  • Feb 9, 2024 |

    Last week we called the People's Independent main branch to gain an understanding of the institution, a normal procedure for any family. We do not live in Boaz, AL, so we thought we could have our questions answered by calling. We called the branch twice, both times requesting a manager because we had specific banking questions. We certainly didn't want to drive an hour and then find upon arriving that no one was available to answer our questions. We are not affiliated with PIB but we have relatives who do business with PIB. They were taken aback by our treatment.

    On both occasions, a gentleman named Chris who introduced himself as a manager of the Boaz main branch answered our call. We were hoping to have access to another manager for the second call that followed, as Chris did not impress us the first time. Chris informed us that he was one of the managers of the main branch. When we called a second time, we were just as disappointed as during the first call. For example, Chris didn't seem interested in answering our questions about a five-year Certificate of Deposit or in us becoming customers. We were also seeking to open a checking account. As we attempted to explain ourselves regarding one particular question—a question that a branch manager should have known—he put us on hold for several minutes. Afterward, I mentioned to Chris that we are residents of Alabama and that I am a retired engineer, as well as a numbers guy. He replied with a sarcastic remark: "So am I, 1+1=2." I took this as a mocking swipe. He clearly was not the person we desired; this was the extent of his ability to be helpful. When Chris learned that we moved from New York, his attitude shifted. He knew by our (212) area code that we were not originally from the area. We sensed that he considered us outsiders, especially when he replied, "We are a local bank who serve locals. Perhaps this bank is not for you." This discrimination was enough to terminate the call. Shame on People's Independent Bank.

    Mr. Vogel

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