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  • Apr 13, 2021 |

    Please don't use Pen Air Federal Credit Union for a variety of reasons. The security system isn't set up with fraud in mind. The IRS deposited money into my child's account that wasn't intended for the member. The IRS even stated the bank should have blocked this transaction. Everyone I spoke with from both branches had zero compassion for grieving family members. Situation; I took my 19 year old autistic son to the bank to open him an account a year ago. While I sat with him he listed myself (father) as beneficiary. A year later my son committed suicide and after his funeral I shut his debit card off via phone but couldn't close the account until they opened the lobbies after Covid-19. Upon lobby's opening I brought in his death certificate to the Airport Branch and the teller said with no manager was in the office and they could not help. I drove to the main Nine Mile Branch and explained I needed to speak with the manager. The receptionist stated Tyler was not in the building. When I told her this is the Main Branch and there has to be a manager on site she said let me go check. Upon returning she said that he was just going into a meeting and I told her I would wait. Surprised, she then said he was with clients and I again said I would wait. One hour later a very nice lady asked my daughter and I why we were there and we said to speak to the manager. Moments later Tyler came out and said he knew nothing about us waiting on him (which I know isn't true as the receptionist originally walked into his office). After explaining everything to Tyler he makes two different calls, each time explaining my son's suicide and smirking at me each time he tells the situation and seeing tears fall from both my daughter and I. After hearing this twice he says I need legal paperwork to close his account and to see a lawyer or go to the courthouse. I asked him why this was necessary as the death certificate states he was never married, no children and lived at home. Tyler then says "I know how you feel" and I asked him if he's ever buried a child and he looks at me and says... "what did I say" and I pulled out my Pen Air debit and credit cards and said to give me my child's death certificate and take these two cards as I will never do business with your bank again. Zero compassion and not sympathetic given the entire situation. I have just changed my direct deposit and will go get the legal documents to close my son's account and mine on my last and final visit to this credit union. Please do not make the same mistake I did.

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