New Bank Offers

Capital One Lowers Its 360 Performance Savings Rate to 4.25% APY`
Apr 11, 2024

The bank cut its benchmark online savings rates by 10 basis points, marking its second rate decline in two months.  They are hoping customers won't mind the declines even though the Fed funds rate is steady

Marcus by Goldman Sachs Lowers Savings and Most CD Rates By A Bit
Apr 3, 2024

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is hoping you won't mind getting a lower savings rate, even while interest rates are rising.  They lowered their online savings rate by 10 basis points today to 4.40%.  Their 6-month, 9-month, 12-month and 18-month offers offerings are also 10 basis points lower, while their 24-month has fallen by 20 basis points.

Ally Lowers Online Savings and Online Money Market Rates to 4.25% APY
Mar 16, 2024

Whether you are in Ally's online savings or its online money market account, your rate just went down by 10 BPS.

Colorado Federal Savings Bank Lowers 12-Month CD to 5.30% APY
Feb 26, 2024

Colorado Federal Savings Bank had a top yielding 12-month CD but they have lowered their rate today to 5.30% APY.

CIBC US Discontinues 1-Year CD Product
Feb 22, 2024

CIBC US has discontinued offering its one-year CD product.  They offered 5.51% APY and the product only had a 1-month early withdrawal penalty.  It has been replaced with other products that are not as compelling.

BMO Alto Lowers Its CD Rates Again
Feb 20, 2024

BMO Alto lowered its 1-year CD from 5.30 to 5.15% APY this morning.

BMO offered outstanding CD rates in December.  Now, two months later they are no longer rate competitive.

Jenius Bank Raises Online Savings Rate to 5.25% APY
Feb 14, 2024

Jenius Bank is the new online division of SMBC, the large Japanese bank.

Its online savings rate had previously stood at 5.10% APY.

Valley Direct lowers online savings rate to 5.05% APY
Jan 23, 2024

Valley Direct has lowered its online savings rate by 20 bps.

Citizens' Online 1-Year CD Rate is Now 5.00% APY and Online Savings is 4.50%
Jan 19, 2024

Citizens has lowered its online 1-year CD rate from 5.50% to 5.00% APY.

Its online savings rate remains at 4.50% APY.


Marcus by Goldman Sachs Lowers 1-Year CD Rate
Jan 18, 2024

Marcus has lowered its 1-year CD rate from 5.50% APY to 5.35% APY.