New Bank Offers

Colorado Federal Savings Bank Lowers 12-Month CD to 5.30% APY
Feb 26, 2024

Colorado Federal Savings Bank had a top yielding 12-month CD but they have lowered their rate today to 5.30% APY.

CIBC US Discontinues 1-Year CD Product
Feb 22, 2024

CIBC US has discontinued offering its one-year CD product.  They offered 5.51% APY and the product only had a 1-month early withdrawal penalty.  It has been replaced with other products that are not as compelling.

BMO Alto Lowers Its CD Rates Again
Feb 20, 2024

BMO Alto lowered its 1-year CD from 5.30 to 5.15% APY this morning.

BMO offered outstanding CD rates in December.  Now, two months later they are no longer rate competitive.

Jenius Bank Raises Online Savings Rate to 5.25% APY
Feb 14, 2024

Jenius Bank is the new online division of SMBC, the large Japanese bank.

Its online savings rate had previously stood at 5.10% APY.

Valley Direct lowers online savings rate to 5.05% APY
Jan 23, 2024

Valley Direct has lowered its online savings rate by 20 bps.

Citizens' Online 1-Year CD Rate is Now 5.00% APY and Online Savings is 4.50%
Jan 19, 2024

Citizens has lowered its online 1-year CD rate from 5.50% to 5.00% APY.

Its online savings rate remains at 4.50% APY.


Marcus by Goldman Sachs Lowers 1-Year CD Rate
Jan 18, 2024

Marcus has lowered its 1-year CD rate from 5.50% APY to 5.35% APY.

BMO Alto Lowers Most CD Rates
Dec 6, 2023

BMO lowered its 5-year, 4-year and 3-year CD rates today.   The rates had been 5.25%, 5.20% and 5.10% and are now 4.90%, 4.90% and 5%, respectively.


First Foundation Bank Introduces New Online Money Market Rate at 5.25%; Online Savings Rate Remains at 5.00%
Nov 17, 2023

First Foundation Bank has introduced an Online Money Market account with a 5.25% rate. This rate is among the most competitive currently offered for online savings and money market accounts.

The bank continues to offer an online savings rate of 5.00%. Prior customers who are seeking the new rate can contact the bank and ask for a product change.

Discover Bank's Online 1-Year CD Rate is Now 5.20% APY
Oct 31, 2023

Discover recenrtly raised their 1-year CD rate from 5.00% to 5.20% APY