Deposit Rates APY Vs.Others
Savings N.A. 0.85% →
1-Year CD 0.45% 0.80% →
2-Year CD 0.65% 0.80% →
3-Year CD 0.65% 0.85% →
4-Year CD N.A. 1.04% →
5-Year CD N.A. 1.15% →

2021 Overview

General Online Bank Information

Money that you deposit is held by Bradesco BAC Florida Bank. Bradesco BAC Florida Bank is an FDIC insured institution founded in 1973. It has approximately $2.16 billion in assets.

Deposits FDIC Insured Yes
Insured Bank Bradesco BAC Florida Bank
FDIC Certificate # 21265
Date Established 1973
Assets $2.16 billion
Loans $1.61 billion
Deposits $1.79 billion
Capital $0.25 billion

For a more detailed analysis of Bradesco BAC Florida Bank's financial condition and a description of what these numbers mean, please visit the Financial Details section.

Deposit Rates - September 25, 2021

Online CD Rates
Online CD Rates APY MIN MAX
6 Month Jumbo
0.35% $5,000 - Learn More
11 Month No Penalty CD
0.40% $100,000 - Learn More
12 Month Jumbo
0.45% $5,000 - Learn More
18 Month Jumbo
0.55% $5,000 - Learn More
24 Month Jumbo
0.65% $5,000 - Learn More
36 Month Jumbo
0.65% $5,000 - Learn More


Customer Reviews for BAC Florida (12)

  • January 4, 2020 |

    Online CDs 12 Month Rates

    I am surprised at all the negative reviews. I have had several large CDs at this bank for several years, and I've gotten the best customer service I've ever gotten at any bank in the last 45 years.

  • December 10, 2019 |

    Online CDs 12 Month Rates

    I opened a CD here 13 months ago and expected you would return the money to the account from which funding came at maturity. You did not and I cannot get a straight answer. Please have a manager contact me at my number if your file.

  • May 3, 2019 |

    Online CDs 6 Month Rates

    I cannot find the rate or reach anyone at the bank. Found the bank's website. It seems entirely geared to helping clients move money from Latin America to the US. I will pass.

  • April 17, 2018 | | Replies 1

    Online CDs 12 Month Rates

    I am attracted to the rate, but will hold off based on prior experience. Agree with Fitzsimmons. I had an account there several years ago, and found it to be a phone account. Not an online account and not a branch account.

    Harvey | Sep 25, 2021

    I wanted to update this. These guys cannot even put their correct rates on their website. I would just say that they have operational inefficiencies as far as online is concerned. It is a phone account.

  • January 31, 2018 |

    Online Savings Rates

    Website is impossible to use. Not really an online bank. If you can reach anyone by phone, they are somewhat responsive.

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