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Online CD Rates 2024 – 3-Year CDs

Three Year Certificates of Deposit (CD) rates from online banks are often above average if you are willing to open and manage your account using the Internet. Three years is an intermediate term for CDs and banks will often pay you a bit more of a premium to keep your money locked in for a longer duration.

Highest Three-Year Online CD Rates - April 23, 2024

3 Year CD National Average: 0.75% ?

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Early Withdrawal Penalty in 180 days interest.

| Jun 13, 2023

I'll steer clear of Dollar Savings Direct and My Savings Direct until they guarantee users at both online divisions their best rates. Banks have the right to segment their customers yes, but these games w... Read More

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 360 days interest.
Rate History: 4.75% → 4.76% → 4.66%

| Jan 30, 2024

Have an IRA rollover, they don't take IRAs any longer.

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 180 days interest.
Rate History: 4.65% → 5.50% → 4.65% → 4.55% → 4.65%

| Nov 21, 2023

A real pain in the *** process to try and get approved! They were unable to match my drivers license photo with my live image after several times trying! Went to limelight bank instead and got approved in ...

$1,000 minimum deposit to open an account. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Account fees may reduce your earnings.
Rate History: 0.45% → 4.50% → 4.58%

| May 21, 2021

avoid this Read More

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 365 days interest.
Rate History: 5.00% → 4.85% → 4.75% → 4.65% → 4.55%

| Dec 18, 2023

I submitted a CD application 18 months 5.50 APY over a week ago and my application was declined no reason was given, I have the funds in another bank for transfer, credit score over 800. I think the reason... Read More

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 180 days interest.
Rate History: 5.00% → 4.90% → 4.75% → 4.60% → 4.50%

| Apr 20, 2024

You really cannot prepare for how bad the customer service is on this one until you try to try to open and account and then need to call to find out why it wasn't funded promptly with your ACh bank instruc... Read More

Rate History: 4.61% → 4.50%

| Dec 14, 2022

Agree with Jaben to stay away from docfcu. They don't appreciate loyal members and easily turn down any requests after a delayed response. I have closed my accounts and moved my funds to better institutio...

Rate History: 1.00% → 4.50%

| Jul 1, 2022

Very easy opening process and wonderful staff.

Warning: Early withdrawal penalty equals two years of interest.

| Mar 17, 2023

STAY AWAY ! They closed my accounts with no warning. After multiple successful direct deposits and mobile checks deposits, they claimed one of the three checks I deposited a few days ago was fake. No...

Early Withdrawal penalty is 6 Months' interest.
Rate History: 4.50% → 4.40%

| Jul 1, 2022

not really an onllne bank. compare this interface that gives you no information with that of any other bank (I cannot even confirm the rate). cannot switch in and out of cds or np cds. just not an online b... Read More

Rate History: 4.70% → 4.55% → 4.35%

| Sep 30, 2023

CFG overs very competitive Interest rates on their High Yield Savings account. I did everything ONLINE and have not had any issues with their service. Read More

| Aug 26, 2022

Too slow to raise rates. Read More

| Nov 12, 2022

I was shopping for deposit rates in August, and NerdWallet, a site I had previously trusted, had it on their list. I was unaware they took deposits. They are the only bank that ever duplicated a transactio...

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 90 days interest.
Rate History: 5.00% → 5.25% → 4.95% → 4.60% → 4.25%

| May 6, 2023

Fully functional bank account that would be great for my needs, but the quarterly interest payment thing is a real nuisance. I wish they would change it. It isn't market.

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 180 days interest.

| Mar 19, 2022

Problem with ties to puppy mills. I closed a cct.

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 6 months interest.
Rate History: 4.75% → 4.25%

| Jun 25, 2022

I've been in and out of igo. I usually carry a large balance when they are rate competitive (half the time) and move by money somewhere else when they aren't (the other half). The $3,000 transfer limit is ... Read More

Early withdrawal penalty is 180 days interest.
Rate History: 4.90% → 4.50% → 4.40% → 4.35% → 4.25%

| Aug 13, 2023

Yup Bread has 5k daily and 30k monthly limit on ach transfers. It's low but there are other banks who have similar ach limits if not lower like Valley Direct Bank and BMO Alto. The part that bothers me i... Read More

Early withdrawal penalty is one-fourth the amount of interest that would have been earned had CD been held to maturity.
Rate History: 4.10% → 4.50% → 4.25% → 4.00% → 4.20%

| Nov 12, 2023

This was terrible as Everbank. Then it was terrible as TIAA. Now it is terrible as Everbank again. Not sure where they are going with the branding, but still terrible. (Bestcashcow's system is forcing ... Read More

Warning: Early Withdrawal Penalty is 2% of the account balance.
Rate History: 4.77% → 4.45% → 4.40% → 4.30% → 4.20%

| Jul 3, 2023

A 2% early withdrawal fee on a 1-year CD is almost equally insane as a 270 day one.

Rate History: 4.30% → 4.30% → 4.15%

| Oct 23, 2023

Synchrony Bank recently closed 3 of my accounts with them and this decision was completely unwarranted. I had two Guitar Center cards and one Levin Furniture card. I found out about this through a push not... Read More

Rate History: 4.30% → 4.40% → 4.30% → 4.15%

| Feb 15, 2024

best bank on the list but no longer the most competitive Read More

Rate History: 4.30% → 4.10%

| Jan 2, 2024

Like others, I've been with Capital One and its predecessor ING Direct since 2007. I've also been getting cheap bank rates on my savings account and didn't realize that there was something better, although... Read More

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 180 days interest.
Rate History: 4.00% → 4.50% → 4.05%

| Apr 27, 2023

have had 3 cd accounts. all interactions with instructions for disposition of funds were never exactly enacted as discussed and requests for confirmatory emails never sent with details as terms discussed. ... Read More

| Feb 25, 2023

HORRIBLE SERVICE. My son's campus checking account was hacked and over $9000 was stolen. Fraud department was impossible to reach and we waited on phone several days for over 2 hours at a time. They too...

| Aug 13, 2023

Been a customer for a couple of years now with interesting checking, been a happy customer. They give you a $10 reimbursement on atm fees per statement cycle. They pay you to leave your money there curre... Read More

| Jul 6, 2023

This is an example of a bad bank. Their online process for purchasing a CD is horrible. You fill it out and it rejects it after all of your private information is disclosed. They there customer service is ... Read More

Early Withdrawal Penalty in 180 days interest.
Rate History: 5.00% → 4.00%

| Apr 25, 2023

with all of these online bank, including the well known ones, delaying transfers forever in order to fund these high rates, this one still executes inbound and outbound transfers immediately. Read More

| Dec 25, 2023

I joined in PENFED in Spring Of 2023 after 15 yrs of belonging to one of the banking giants. I found my accounts dwindling fast unexplained decreases. I decided to close the account but had to return a mer...

| Aug 2, 2023

Sallie mae is just a horrible institution. We've done business with them before and swore on the holy bible not to go near there again, but a 18 mos cd at 5.55% brought us back.

| Mar 19, 2024

I have 5 other cd's at competing banks and have not had trouble. I tried 3 times today to open one w/ bradesco and it repeatedly declines my app after I input the code they sent me. Customer service was no... Read More

Rate History: 5.26% → 4.86% → 4.56% → 4.26% → 3.96%

| Feb 3, 2023

So I financed a camper through this group. The plumbing water sewer black and gray tank fell to the ground 30 days after purchase. It was being “ fixed “ for almost 5 months the dealer assured me I wou...

Umbrella Bank
3.95% $10,000 Learn More

Warning: Early Withdrawal Penalty is 2% of principal.

| Dec 30, 2018

Garden14 Read More

Rate History: 3.75% → 5.45% → 4.50% → 3.75%

Rate History: 4.10% → 4.00% → 3.75%

| Jan 10, 2024

AVOID at all costs. We read the addendum to the final page of the LENGTHY account agreement mailed to us after completing the online portion. Guess what? It gives this sweet seeming Discover Bank access to... Read More

| Nov 28, 2022

While USAA was at one point a great option for all your banking needs, the service has deteriorated so much that I'm currently in the process of changing banks after more than 2 decades. The final straw w... Read More

| Mar 21, 2023

Parent seems to be owned by a large Chilean bank. Not saying this is good or bad, but it is complication, especially in the current environment. Read More

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 180 days interest.
Rate History: 4.50% → 4.30% → 3.50% → 4.00% → 3.50%

| May 2, 2022

Barclays is the worst. Transfer speeds even worse than Synchrony now. Service is worse than anything. Save yourself the trouble of getting sucked into rates that are sometimes competitive and choose anythi...

Rate History: 0.15% → 4.50% → 4.35% → 3.50%

| Apr 18, 2018

Worst experience of my life. Did not fund and gave $25 to my own charity. Read More

| Jul 7, 2022

Insbank 1 yr is 1.5 % 18month is 1.6% 7-7-2022

| Nov 12, 2023

Finworth looks legit, but their online disclosures and incomplete and you cannot reach them by phone and they don't respond to inquiries. I am moving along and you should too. Read More

| Jul 9, 2023

Looks like indexed savings is now at 5.31%. Down, but it still beats anything else here. Why aren't you highlighting this for your readers? Read More

Rate History: 2.95% → 3.20%

| Nov 8, 2023

I see nothing exciting about AmEx Bank. Sign on is a hassle and the rates are adequate. Multiple accounts are not summarized. To cancel maturing CDs require phoning in or snail mail. Above average serv... Read More

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 6 months interest.
Rate History: 5.00% → 4.65% → 4.25% → 3.00%

| Jun 8, 2016

When is your next shred date @Ramtown?

Early Withdrawal Penalty is 12 months interest.
Rate History: 4.00% → 3.00%

Rate History: 2.75% → 2.75%

| Dec 21, 2023

Very easy to setup 6 month 5.35% CD from cornerstone account Read More

| Aug 13, 2019

I filled out the application 10 days ago answering all questions and sent a file with a copy of my drivers license to Western Bank. I received an email saying that a banker would call me within one busines...

Rate History: 3.00% → 2.75% → 2.50%

Early Withdrawal Penalty is all interest earned.

| Mar 30, 2021

These guys are the best local bank. Very responsive.

Rate History: 1.98% → 2.00%

| Apr 30, 2019

No issues. I feel confident using them. Read More

| Oct 11, 2020

You probably thought - as did I - that you were looking at a site that belongs to and was the responsibility of Gateway First. After all it includes their headings, selected financial statements, many pag... Read More

| Nov 9, 2020

Here's what you will need: To be a resident of New Jersey or select Eastern Pennsylvania counties (the zip code provided in your application will receive an error stating "Zip code is not valid for this ap...

| Jan 27, 2023

The worst bank I have ever had Read More

| Jul 17, 2021

I've been with this bank for 6 months and have not had any problems. Bill pay works good. The 24 month investing CD is another vechile I use. Rates are above average considering the national rate. I'd reco... Read More

Rate History: 4.30% → 0.55% → 5.10% → 0.55%

| Dec 27, 2022

They gave a hard time with their cashier's check. They returned my deposited check that was emitted by them. Could you believe?

| Feb 25, 2023

I have been working for this company more than 5 years. I would not recommend any investment with First Citizens Bank. They are the worst performer on the market based on the customer and employee reviews... Read More

Edu Federal Credit Union
0.25% $500 Learn More

| Jun 10, 2022

This bank hasn't raised their rates! Maybe I was sleeping but I need to get out of here fast. Read More

| Dec 21, 2022

Stay away from this bait and switch bank that uses teaser rates. They lowered my interest rate twice in the first 2 months of opening my account. They said they had the right to change their rate at any ti... Read More

Rate History: 1.00% → 0.15%

| Apr 25, 2022

broke the machine, braddah

All rates listed are Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The Min listed is the minimum deposit account balance required to obtain the rate listed.


Three Year CDs - Online Banks 2024

Three year CDs from online banks offer a yield that is between .30 and .60 percentage higher than a one year CD from an online bank. While in general, online banks offer higher CD rates than branch-based banks, some smaller community banks and credit unions offer rates even higher than online banks. Savers should compare online and branch based rates if looking for the highest rate irrespective of how the CD is opened and managed.

A three year CD is a medium term CD and commits the user to keeping the money in the bank for three years in return for a fixed rate during this period of time.

When to Open

In general, in a rising rate environment savers should keep their money liquid and not commit it for long periods of time. Three year CDs offer a compromise as an intermediate amount of time to lock money with a premium for doing so.

In a falling rate environment, savers should try and lock in their money for as long as possible. Three year CDs can also play a role in this type of environment depending on how long savers think rates will fall and stay low. For example, following the financial crisis in 2008, when the top CD rates were above 6% APY; with the benefit of hindsight, a saver would have been wise to lock money into a 5 year CD, preserving that 6% rate into 2013.

Some savers like to use three year CDs as part of a CD ladder, in which different term CDs help to diversify the portfolio from changes in interest rates.

All banks listed on BestCashCow are FDIC insured; strongly recommends that you stay within FDIC insurance limits and that if you are unsure of how the limits affect you, please visit the FDIC website.

To understand all of the income generating options available to a saver, please view the Income Generating Investments Comparison Chart.