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Online CD Rates 2020 – 3-Year CDs

Three Year Certificates of Deposit (CD) rates from online banks are often above average if you are willing to open and manage your account using the Internet. Three years is an intermediate term for CDs and banks will often pay you a bit more of a premium to keep your money locked in for a longer duration.

Highest Three-Year Online CD Rates - October 30, 2020

3 Year CD National Average: 0.65% ?

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Parke Bank
1.21% 1.87x $500 Learn More
Navy Federal Credit Union
1.10% 1.70x $100,000 Learn More
Primary Bank
1.00% 1.54x $1,000 Learn More
1.00% 1.54x $2,500 Learn More
1.00% 1.54x $5,000 Learn More
USAA Federal Savings Bank
0.91% 1.40x $175,000 Learn More
Comenity Direct
0.85% 1.31x $1,500 Learn More
Ohio Catholic
0.85% 1.31x $100,000 Learn More
Early Withdrawal Penalty is 360 days interest.
Early Withdrawal Penalty is 180 days interest.
Colorado Federal Savings Bank
0.80% 1.23x $5,000 Learn More
BAC Florida
0.80% 1.23x $5,000 Learn More
Ohio Catholic
0.80% 1.23x $25,000 Learn More
Gateway First Bank
0.80% 1.23x $25,000 Learn More
0.75% 1.16x $500 Learn More
Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc. d/b/a TAB Bank
0.75% 1.16x $1,000 Learn More
Salem Five Direct
0.75% 1.16x $10,000 Learn More
Ally Bank
0.75% 1.16x $25,000 Learn More
TotalDirect, a division of City National Bank of Florida
0.75% 1.16x $25,000 Learn More
TIAA Bank / Everbank
0.70% 1.08x $1,000 Learn More
Rising Bank, a division of Midwest BankCentre
0.70% 1.08x $1,000 Learn More
Synchrony Bank
0.70% 1.08x $2,000 Learn More
Discover Bank
0.70% 1.08x $2,500 Learn More
Live Oak Banking Company
0.70% 1.08x $2,500 Learn More
Bank5 Connect
0.65% 1.00x $500 Learn More
0.65% 1.00x $500 Learn More
Prime Alliance Bank
0.65% 1.00x $500 Learn More
ableBanking, a division of Northeast Bank
0.60% 0.93x $1,000 Learn More
Early Withdrawal Fee is the greater of: everything earned in the first 12 months or 30% of total dividends that would have been earned if held to maturity, but not to exceed total dividends paid.
Sallie Mae Bank
0.60% 0.93x $2,500 Learn More
Warning: Early Withdrawal Penalty is all credited interest.
Banesco USA
0.50% 0.77x $0 Learn More
Radius Bank
0.50% 0.77x $500 Learn More
OneWest Bank, a division of CIT Bank
0.50% 0.77x $1,000 Learn More
Incredible Bank, a division of River Valley Bank
0.50% 0.77x $1,000 Learn More
Early Withdrawal Penalty is 365 days interest.
Brix Direct, a division of Cross River Bank
0.50% 0.77x $50,000 Learn More
American Express Bank, FSB
0.45% 0.69x $0 Learn More
Early Withdrawal Penalty is 2% of principal.
Barclays Bank Delaware
0.40% 0.62x $0 Learn More
Axos Bank, a division of Bofi Federal Bank
0.40% 0.62x $1,000 Learn More
CIT Bank
0.40% 0.62x $100,000 Learn More
Citizens Access
0.35% 0.54x $5,000 Learn More
Vio Bank, A Division of MidFirst Bank
0.30% 0.46x $500 Learn More
Capital One 360
0.30% 0.46x $1,000 Learn More
0.25% 0.39x $2,500 Learn More
Purepoint MUFG Union
0.25% 0.39x $10,000 Learn More
BankPurely, a division of Flushing Bank
0.15% 0.23x $1,000 Learn More
All rates listed are Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The Min listed is the minimum deposit account balance required to obtain the rate listed.


Three Year CDs - Online Banks 2020

Three year CDs from online banks offer a yield that is between .30 and .60 percentage higher than a one year CD from an online bank. While in general, online banks offer higher CD rates than branch-based banks, some smaller community banks and credit unions offer rates even higher than online banks. Savers should compare online and branch based rates if looking for the highest rate irrespective of how the CD is opened and managed.

A three year CD is a medium term CD and commits the user to keeping the money in the bank for three years in return for a fixed rate during this period of time.

When to Open

In general, in a rising rate environment savers should keep their money liquid and not commit it for long periods of time. Three year CDs offer a compromise as an intermediate amount of time to lock money with a premium for doing so.

In a falling rate environment, savers should try and lock in their money for as long as possible. Three year CDs can also play a role in this type of environment depending on how long savers think rates will fall and stay low. For example, following the financial crisis in 2008, when the top CD rates were above 6% APY; with the benefit of hindsight, a saver would have been wise to lock money into a 5 year CD, preserving that 6% rate into 2013.

Some savers like to use three year CDs as part of a CD ladder, in which different term CDs help to diversify the portfolio from changes in interest rates.

All banks listed on BestCashCow are FDIC insured; strongly recommends that you stay within FDIC insurance limits and that if you are unsure of how the limits affect you, please visit the FDIC website.

To understand all of the income generating options available to a saver, please view the Income Generating Investments Comparison Chart.


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Online CD Rates 2020 – 3-Year CDs