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CD 1-year Account from Capital One, National Association with 4.80% APY and $0 minimum deposit

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The product CD 1-year Account from Capital One, National Association with 4.80% APY and $0 minimum deposit and a tax rate of 30 compounded annually, with an initial amount of $20,000, after 10 years would have grown your savings to approximately $31,963. The interest earned would be $11,963 and the tax amount on the interest earned would be approximately $3,589.

Please note that this analysis assumes a constant interest rate and doesn't take into account any fees associated with the savings account.

The Results for Capital One, National Association

Savings Boost of
$7,570 over 10 years
Cash Savings $20,000
Average Interest Earned $804

Capital One, National Association Interest Earned $8,374



See comparison detail table

This analysis is for demonstrative purposes only and may change should certain assumptions prove incorrect. Savings rates may change and CD rates may not be renewable for the length of the term of the analysis. The difference between the bank rate entered and the average rate may not remain constant throughout the term.

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Average Rate Scenario

Annual Interest
(After Tax)
1 20,000 112 78
2 20,112 113 79
3 20,225 113 79
4 20,338 114 80
5 20,452 115 80
6 20,566 115 81
7 20,681 116 81
8 20,797 116 82
9 20,914 117 82
10 21,031 118 82
TOTAL: $1,149 $804

Capital One, National Association Scenario

Annual Interest
(After Tax)
1 20,000 960 672
2 20,960 1,006 704
3 21,966 1,054 738
4 23,020 1,105 773
5 24,125 1,158 811
6 25,283 1,214 850
7 26,497 1,272 890
8 27,769 1,333 933
9 29,102 1,397 978
10 30,499 1,464 1,025
TOTAL: $11,963 $8,374

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Recent Rate Changes

Date APY
May 8, 2024 4.80%
March 22, 2024 4.90%
February 9, 2024 5.00%
December 15, 2023 5.25%
October 4, 2023 5.00%

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Customer Reviews for Capital One, National Association (15)

  • January 2, 2024 |

    CDs 12 Month Rates

    Like others, I've been with Capital One and its predecessor ING Direct since 2007. I've also been getting cheap bank rates on my savings account and didn't realize that there was something better, although I've limited the amount there vs. other banks because of the low rate. The other problem with Cap One is that to set up an account, one has to have and give a cell phone number. My cell is off 99% of the time and literally only three people/orgs have the number on an absolute need to know basis. Since there's no workaround and no setting up accounts on the phone. End of story for Cap One savings account for me.

  • April 19, 2023 |

    Closed my account today after years of frustration dealing with Capitol One--Oh how miss Calcasieu Marine--haven't decided yet where to open my new account --but strongly advise staying away from Capitol One--nothing against the employees in Sulphur--it is the overall policies of the bank which are trying to force customers to switch to online banking with no exceptions for older folks like me who do not want to bank on cell phone or personal computer. So many branches closed --long before covid--soon there will be no live employees at few local branches that remain and soon no local branches.

  • November 1, 2022

    I never in my 80 years of life seen a company that treat their customers like shit and still expect them to come back. I have always paid my bills monthly without hesitation, in the past I have had so many things to happen that I even tore up my WalMart card when I saw it was Capital 1. My most recent run in with them was when my parents passed away and we were dividing their estate among 4 kids , one child had died and I had his part of the estate because his funeral bills and medicines before he died along with a lot of other debt he owed me, I had things worked out among the other siblings where I could get my money without filing it through the court, when the day came to where the estate was to be settled, the court did a debt check on us kids and to my surprise, Capital One had entered a debt that named me as one that owed them close to $25.000 which was a total lie, I don't owe anyone, I called them and the credit company and asked for the information, they told me it would take 3 weeks to get it, when I asked them what the debt was and they couldn't tell me. Needless to say, this postponed everything and added another $5000 in holdup cost and interest, I then called Capital one and asked them some of the questions the collection agency couldn't. PISSED OFF NOW that the person they had me mistaken to be lived in another City, a different SS number, everything was different, as I asked them questions, they acted like they were the stupidest people on earth. They told me that I would have to file an appeal to the collection agency and the papers were to be sent via mail to me, no, they couldn't send them via email of text and the appeal might take 90 days to come up. Now its 4 months later, the court has held my part and added charges to my part and paid off the others, when I finally got things cleared, I lost all of the money I was owed, the court had added $16000, the attorney had $1200 more and I had lost almost all of the $60.000 I was owed in the Estate. Thanks Capital one. Rate them, I would have to go deep into my sewer to find anything close to a rating

  • September 2, 2020 | Replies 1

    Opened a 360 Performance Savings account in November 2019 when interest rate was 1.9%. After chipping away at lowering the rate, notice today it is down to 0.65%. I assume there may be many who don't watch their accounts closely and are unaware how the rate has tanked. Looking into other options, seem there are plenty of institutions offering in the 1% range. Doubt my answer to "what's in your wallet?" will be Capitol One for much longer.

    Anthony M | Sep 20, 2020

    YES, KEITH W. I saw that too, but not so bad.
    I moved my money into new 360 IRA Savings@ Capital One [AUGUST 2020] from Bank-of-America. Started as 0.80% APY. I called IRA DEPT [SEPT 2020] (cptl one) {NOW it as you know} = 0.65% APY.
    APY= annual percentage yield
    Sep 20, 2020

  • May 14, 2020 |

    Took advantage of their promo rate, input at bankers desk, could have done same at home, not given an account #, never received a card, had to fax to add an beneficiary. Finally closed account, now pennies of interest, did online set up of external account, never sent me a code. Phone menu useless. horrible bank

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