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  • Sep 14, 2020

    I am shocked to see that the Hapoalim bank has absolutely no consideration for people who do not speak Hebrew but who claim to be an international bank! Obviously, no problem to open a bank account, which clearly states that the account is in Hebrew and English but to make a transfer of their own money, nobody speaks English anymore! I have tried to make an international transfer three times and each time the rules seem to change: the first time, because it was Sunday (even though the transfer was made on Thursday morning), the second time for a technical problem and now because I have to get a call that I never received. And today the best has just happened: after a week when my money is no longer in my account, the transfer comes back and by calling the bank I am clearly told that Hapoalim by phone NEVER answers in English. The person on the phone is yelling at me (who clearly seems to speak English), all because I want to transfer my own money. The service is deplorable and I would not recommend this bank to anyone who travels and needs transfers, let alone someone who is not fluent in Hebrew.
    * if you need a Hebrew translation I can ask my Israeli friends who helped me to make these transfers to put a comment too because even in Hebrew they largely share my opinion on the services of the bank!

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