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  • Mar 15, 2023 |

    Oh Natty natty natty, haha the fact you need to take out (probably a second) loan for $160,000 on a $625,000 sends up all kinds of red flags. The bank was right to run away from YOU dear hahaha.

  • Aug 30, 2020 |

    Borrowers beware. I recently applied for a no cash out refi owner occ with a LTV of 15% and 800 fico.
    First they send docs for their portfolio program which was not the product I requested. I wanted a fnma 30 year fixed. I am self employed with rentals. My income was MORE than sufficient to support the payment . I would be lowering my payment form $1600 to $700 monthly. I provide more than enough information to qualify. I was actually prequalified by their rep. The underwriting is terrible they do NOT know Fannie Mae guidelines. The do NOT ask questions if they don't understand something in your file. They are They are DISCRIMINATORY towards MON-Asian clients. They sent me a denial letter based off an assumption without bothering to ask for for a letter of explanation . Had they asked they would have seen the underwriter was totally incorrect. You do NOT make decisions on a borrowers loan based income off what you think you ask questions. When I offered to correct the underwriter I was told my rate expired and I would need to reapply at the higher rate or apply for their portfolio loan. AWW their portfolio loan with the higher rate. That's what they were pushing me towards from the beginning.Why would I do that with more than sufficient income and excellent credit and a $160,000 loan on a $625,000 home. I think not. Run from this company I strongly suggest you apply to a lender with experienced fnma underwriters. I also have bank accounts with them that I will be closing Monday.

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