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  • Apr 18, 2020 |

    called customer service April 18, 2020, had to wait 40 minutes on hold, talked to a well informed polite person for as long as I wanted. He said CDs are not callable, previously I was told they are. so you figure it out. in this constantly lowering of rates time it may become important. Why should Golman pay consumers just under 2% when the Fed gives them all they want for .025% or less ??

  • Jan 12, 2020 |

    Had 3 CDs and High Yield Savings. Then bought their 1 yr maturity CD at APY 2.05. 12 days afterwards noted rate increase to 2.15 APY. Cursed by bad timing then got message my rate was increased to 2.15. I am really impressed with their customer service. Excellent web site, competitive rates in high yield savings (1.7 APY) and the best options in choices of CDs. Added bonus is as soon as CD is funded with ACH transfer you get zero lag for interest credit before actual funds in their account. Web site is easy to use and provides options for beneficiaries. Best overall on line in my option. Other accounts at PNC (high yield savings) and Barclays (high yield savings and CDs)

  • Oct 16, 2017 |

    I have saving, and CD with GS, Discover bank and my local bank. Discover offered a 12 month CD for 1.35%. Went to GS to check them, they were offering 12 mo for 1.5%. Took out 3 CD for grandchildren and 3 days later, they changed rates to 1.65%. They gave it to me automatically. All on line. Their online savings is 1.20 %.

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