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US Auto Industry Gets a Big Boost from Hurricane Harvey

The storm did huge damage to the city of Houston and to the lives of its residents. Its devastation is biblical. But the American auto industry, briefly depressed before the storm due to slowing sales and larger than normal inventory... Read →

Today's Indy 500 Accident Confirms Everyone's Worst Fears About Auto Racing

The massive accident involving Scott Dixon and Jay Howard at today's Indy 500 confirms everyone's worst fear. Crowds at these events watch auto racing for the spectacle - or at least the possibility - of gore, death and... Read →

Mobileye Acquisition Makes Intel the Instant Leader in Autonomous Driving

Tech circles have been abuzz about autonomous driving for a while. It is the first and most obvious application of artificial intelligence advances, and it has been developing quickly over the last two years. Unlike LED lighting (2013)... Read →

Dealers often markup auto loans by 1-2% without disclosing this information to customers. This is not illegal but it often means you can get a better deal going right to a bank or credit union.

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Below is a list of the best auto loan rates from banks and credit unions. . If you are looking for an auto loan, then it may be worth your while to check on these rates before you make any decisions.

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A bad interest rate on a loan can quickly negate a good interest rate on an investment product, so it’s important to ensure you have a competitive rate on your auto loan. Bank of America has some good rates to consider.

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The Pentagon Federal Credit Union is offering a 2.99% APR on 12 to 60 months new auto loans, used auto loans, and refinance auto loans. The PenFed Credit Union primarily serves members of the military and employees of U.S. Department of Defense but you can also join if you work—or volunteer—for The Red Cross.

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Four Tips on Negotiating the Price of a Car

Buying a car may seem overwhelming, but knowing what to do before you go to the dealership can make the experience an enjoyable one.

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General Motors just finalized the deal to buy AmeriCredit, in order to help provide credit for high-risk borrowers. If you have a lowered credit score because of a few late payments, this could help you get financed for a GM vehicle.

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Auto Loan Securitizations Pose Danger for Unsuspecting Car Purchasers

Car dealerships frequently bundle and sell their clients' loans to larger institutions. What problems might these securitizations pose to purchasers?

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Tips to Snag the Best Car Loan

A step-by-step tutorial to obtaining the best auto loan for your financial needs.

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Sales may be up at Chrysler, but the package still looks bad.

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8 Tips for Lowering Your Auto Insurance Rates Image Courtesy: Mercedes-Benz

8 Tips for Lowering Your Auto Insurance Rates

There are some substantial savings on auto insurance if you spend a little time to take advantage of the available auto insurance discounts. I've tried to save you a little time by putting together a list of potential discounts.

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As Akio Toyoda gives in to pressure to testify before the House Oversight Committee, it appears that Toyota is entering a death spiral.

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Ed Whitacre just appointed himself the permanent CEO of GM. Is he joking?

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