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Rhode Island Variable IRA CD Rates 2017

If you have your savings dollars in a bank with low savings rates, then you are losing real money. With the magic of compounding interest, even an interest rate difference under 1% can really add up over time. See our Savings Booster Calculator to see why you should seek out a higher interest rate. The table below has an unbiased list of the savings and money market account rates of FDIC-insured banks that are near your current location (if they aren’t, then change the zip code above). Take a few minutes to explore these options and see how you can boost your savings by more than 6X the national average rate. You may also want to check credit unions near you or online banks by navigating through the tabs above. There is competition for your money. Take advantage of it!

RI - April 24, 2017

1.03% $1 -
0.70% $1 -
0.50% $100 -
0.30% $25 -
0.25% $100 -
0.25% $100 -
0.25% $100 -
0.20% $10 -
0.10% $1 -
0.10% $1 -
0.05% $100 -
0.05% $1 -
0.03% $1 -

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