Dollar Savings Direct, a division of Emigrant Bank

2018 Overview

General Online Bank Information

Deposits FDIC Insured Yes
Insured Bank Emigrant Bank
FDIC Certificate # 12054
Date Established 1850
Assets $6.16 billion
Loans $4.11 billion
Deposits $4.73 billion
Capital $1.28 billion
Money that you deposit is held by Emigrant Bank. Emigrant Bank is an FDIC insured institution founded in 1850. It has approximately $6.16 billion in assets.

For a more detailed analysis of Emigrant Bank's financial condition and a description of what these numbers mean, please visit the Financial Details section.

Deposit Rates - December 18, 2018

Online Savings and Money Market Rates APY MIN MAX
Online CD Rates APY MIN MAX
6 Month CD
2.40% $1,000 - Learn MoreShow Less
12 Month CD
1.80% $1,000 - Learn MoreShow Less
16 Month CD
1.90% $1,000 - Learn MoreShow Less
24 Month CD
2.00% $1,000 - Learn MoreShow Less
60 Month CD
2.80% $1,000 - Learn MoreShow Less

Customer Reviews for Dollar Savings Direct, a division of Emigrant Bank (18)

  • Jasper

    September 06, 2018 |

    Online Savings Rates

    It is a great strategy. Three brands - Emigrant Direct, My Savings Direct and Dollar Savings Direct. As if on a carrousel, one is always high, one is always competitive, and one is always not competitive. It is a great gig that screws every customer, except those that have the time to switch out quickly.

  • Andre

    June 26, 2018 | | Replies 1

    Online Savings Rates

    I am not sure where all of the 3 star reviews are coming from. I have been with them for several months. Their rate has held at the same 1.80% level now and is no longer competitive, especially given how poor their customer service is.

    lenny | Dec 18, 2018

    because APR is no longer competitive I want to go else where unless they raise rate.

  • Jason Rattner

    March 26, 2018 |

    Online Savings Rates

    They wouldn't link to my Morgan Stanley account or my Merrill Lynch account, but otherwise I have been very pleased with this since opening 6 months ago. They raise their rate faster and higher.

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