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Ray Dalio Says to Abandon Bonds for Cash Image Photo by Harry Murphy/Web Summit via Sportsfile (Wikipedia)

Ray Dalio Says to Abandon Bonds for Cash

Bloomberg is reporting today on statements made by Ray Dalio, the owner Bridgewater, of the world's largest hedge fund, in Singapore yesterday. Dalio is reported to have said, "Temporarily, right now cash is good." And,... Read →
Never in the history of mankind has there been a worse time to consider buying municipal bonds. The 30-year US Treasury rate has just moved from 2.50% to closer to 3% in the aftermath of Trump’s election. The Federal Reserve is... Read →

Yes it can, according to Robert Kessler, founder and CEO of The Kessler Companies.

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When he assumed the role of Chairman at the Federal Reserve in February 2006, Ben Bernanke made it known that he was a student of history who believed that rates should have been held low for the entire decade in the 1930's. As the US recovered from the Depression, he believed the failure to maintain this low rate policy contributed to the economic difficulties later in the decade.

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For many people, the easiest way for them to temporarily part with their money while they invest it is if they never see the money in their hands to begin with. An incredibly easy to do that - while earning a current 3.06% APY - is to automatically purchase I Savings Bonds with your tax refund.

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TIPS - Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities - How to Know When to Invest Image Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

TIPS - Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities - How to Know When to Invest

Does it make sense to buy TIPS? What is the TIPS yield telling us about the economy and future inflation expectations? Why buy a TIPS versus a regular Treasury security?

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How S&P Downgrade May Impact the Municipal Bond Market

The fallout from the S&P downgrade of U.S. debt from AAA to AA+ is just starting to hit the municipal market. Following the downgrade of U.S. debt on Friday, S&P has begun to review and downgrade the debt of AAA rates cities and towns.

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Why the Rating Downgrade from S&P Is Like a Bad Review from Simon Cowell on American Idol

I see the downgrade of U.S. debt by the S&P a lot like the judging role played by Simon Cowell when he was on American Idol. Here's why:

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Moody's, S&P, and Fitch Threaten to Lower US Credit Rating - Who Cares

Over the past three months we've heard warnings and threats from the big US credit agencies Moody's Investor Services, Standard & Poors's, and Fitch Ratings that the U.S. is on a negative credit watch and may have its AAA credit rating downgraded. All of these credit agencies are often a dollar short and a day late in spotting financial difficulty and have about 0 credibility rating risk.

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Investing in Bond Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Image

Investing in Bond Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

ETFs have been one of the recent and most successful financial engineering innovations, attracting a lot of investors and funds within a span of a few years. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of bond ETFs.

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With Treasury Yields So Low, Should Investors Look to Corporate Bonds?

Treasury bonds are probably not a safe place to hang out with the Fed poised to end quantitative easing. Investors might be better served to look at corporate bonds.

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Meredith Whitney Warns Tough Times Ahead for Municipal Bonds

Meredith Whitney, the analyst whose claim to fame is predicting the financial crisis of 2008 is back warning about the municipal bond market. Should investors be concerned?

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Why Buy Bonds These Days? Image Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Why Buy Bonds These Days?

While bond rates stay in the low 3% range why invest when blue chip stocks with upside are offering higher dividend yields?

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Negative TIPS Yield Shows Market Expects Increase in Inflation Image Image courtesy of jscreationzs at

Negative TIPS Yield Shows Market Expects Increase in Inflation

Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) auctioned on April 21, 2010 at a negative 0.18%. Why would an investor by a bond at a negative yield and what does it mean?

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The Treasury Yield Curve - Using it to Predict the Economic Future

Many investors wish they had a crystal ball to help them predict what will happen with the economy and their investments. What they don't understand is that something just like a crystal ball does exist - it's called the Treasury Yield Curve.

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