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How Universities Can Use Online Access to Remain Competitive in A Post-COVID-19 World Image Courtesy: Tufts University

How Universities Can Use Online Access to Remain Competitive in A Post-COVID-19 World

I was reading today that Tufts University, my alma mater, has received over 35% more applicants for the Class of 2025 than it received last year for the Class of 2024. And, that got me thinking how universities that are space constrained,... Read →
How To Save For a College Education Image Courtesy: Pexels

How To Save For a College Education

You are probably expecting your children to go to college one day, and they probably should because college offers many benefits to those who attend and graduate. College graduates earn more and spend less time unemployed than their... Read →

Universities are Ripping Off Americans

During the last election, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton led the charge, calling for free universal higher education for everyone. They called it a human right and decried the fact that upon graduation millions of... Read →
Paying for College - Private Student Loan Options The student loan market has become quite hot lately with a bunch of new entrants offering competitive student loans. These new entrants go beyond credit score and history (which most... Read →

Learn about the seven ways to pay that hefty tuition bill and strengths and weaknesses of each.

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The information below shows the most common savings techniques used by those saving for college according to a survey done by Fannie Mae and some helpful information about each of them.

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While money might be tight for recent college grads, there is no better time to start putting some money away for the future. Here are ten tips to help you save more.

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As the outstanding balance of federal student loans surges and prospects appear dim for many graduating from college and graduate schools, many are starting to question whether these loans should be discharged through bankruptcy proceedings.

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SallieMae, the company commonly known for offering and servicing student loans, is offering a competitive high-yield savings account and one large added bonus: 10% matching funds from UPromise earnings to help finance education costs.

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The place that cost you so much money in your late teens and early twenties may help you save some of it now.

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College-Bound Students and Credit Cards

The new credit card regulations are making it more difficult for college students to get credit. So what are some things parents are doing to give their college-aged kids flexibility with spending while teaching them to be responsible with their money?

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If you have children, grand children, nieces or nephews you may want to tune in here as we talk about the very popular 529 Plans for for funding college educations. I will start with the 529 College Savings Plans.

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Many prepaid 529 college savings plans are going broke, caught between a crashed stock market and huge inflation in college tuition costs. The result is that many of these plans do not have the assets to pay the tuition of the... Read →

Today's economic circumstances present significant challenges to college students and graduates. Fortunately, the federal government has stepped in to provide assistance with new programs that recently went into effect and have the potential to bring some college debt relief to thousands.

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Many college grads are increasingly getting laid off and having to take salary cuts. A college education, even an expensive one isn't a guarantee of anything anymore.

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