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| Apr 17, 2022

Impossible to deal with customer service. Impossible to change phone number, email, etc. Worst of all - they send letter of renewal AFTER expiration of new terms, and it's impossible to withdraw money. They advertise 24/7hour...Read more.

Sallie Mae Bank

| Dec 8, 2020

Everyone here in Boston raves about Salem Five but it is shithole operation filled with nasty entitled people. As for this online savings product, the fees are ridiculous, the transfer charges are obnoxious, the rate is alway...Read more.

| Dec 31, 2020

I’ve filed a complaint with the FDIC. This bank keeps rearranging my transactions, even if they’ve posted and are not pending. They also will deny a transaction and charge a non sufficient funds fee (however, th...Read more.

| May 17, 2022

Not what it seems. Avoid!

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