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| Feb 25, 2022

I joined Citi with a Costco-VISA card. An Accelerate followed, and then a checking account. Costco-VISA is necessary for using a credit card at Costco, otherwise cash is necessary. Accelerate Savings was opened to park so...Read more.

| Mar 28, 2022

Tried to open a new account of a different type from my years ago closed card. The application stopped working at page telling me I was already a customer. The customer page did not recognize my login credentials and referred...Read more.

| May 17, 2022

Through the years I experimented with the leading online brands to find the best mix of quality, reliability and competitiveness. I thought Purepoint was the best, and Citizens was second, but Purepoint seems to be going out...Read more.

| Oct 13, 2021

Good for savers. Easy to transfer funds in and out, not paying high transaction processing $ or being limited to low amounts per day. Does not subject applicants to very much ID interrogation and apparently does not make har...Read more.

| Jul 21, 2020

Opened account a month ago. I've already seen the rate fall a couple of times, but have no other complaints. Easy process and a clear easy to use site (unlike Ally where I was before).

| May 16, 2022

I get it. Rates are good and all of that, but the website is terrible. Cannot log in. Need to keep resetting password. Need to call if I want to make any sort of transaction in or out. Just not user friendly. Hate to run back...Read more.

| Mar 15, 2022

I like the No Penalty CDs at this bank. They are easy to work with and friendly! One hassle is that you need to keep the funding account open and as rates go up, they are more difficult to get in and out of than maybe Ally. ...Read more.

| May 26, 2017


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