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| Mar 13, 2023

This rate is phony - check the bank website: 0.05% for 1 yr CD !!!

| Aug 7, 2020

Had a car loan with them. Paid it off because I was selling the vehicle. They told me it would take 10 business days to clear the transaction (it was immediate via electronic) and was out of my account that day. But still to...Read more.

| Feb 20, 2023

This is just an absolutely terrible bank. It had been competitive and then that stopped. Best day of my life was when I finally got all of my money out.

| Sep 21, 2022

I opened an account with Bask, a subsidiary of Texas Capital Bank, funded the account, and several days later, Bask "disabled" my account without notifying me or providing any explanation. In other words, they held ...Read more.

| Apr 27, 2023

I finally transitioned from the American miles earning account to the interest savings product. The savings rate became so high that it made sense, even vs 2 miles per $. I had been very happy with Bask already as a mileage...Read more.

| May 19, 2023

Was very easy to set up. Worked well did not reject my application like many others. It took me less than 10 minutes and it was all set up.

| Jun 26, 2022

ACH transfers are not allowed. Called and was told that I had to set up wire transfers (and pay fees) or I could come in to the bank and get a bank check.

| Mar 29, 2023

Avoid at all costs As others have stated, this bank is a joke. Good luck trying to get your money out, they make it almost impossible. You've been warned.

| May 30, 2023

They really do pay this amount, but the account lacks any functionality and they are constantly looking for some sort of add-on fee to enable them to claw back the interest. Any bank with a higher rate and many with lower ra...Read more.

| Jul 17, 2021

I've been with this bank for 6 months and have not had any problems. Bill pay works good. The 24 month investing CD is another vechile I use. Rates are above average considering the national rate. I'd recommend this bank.

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