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| Jul 28, 2020

Dropped rates again with restrictive transfer limits and poor service. Better rates and liquidity elsewhere. Beware!!!

| Aug 7, 2020

Had a car loan with them. Paid it off because I was selling the vehicle. They told me it would take 10 business days to clear the transaction (it was immediate via electronic) and was out of my account that day. But still to...Read more.

| Mar 19, 2022

Deeply concerned about Sterling's ties to oligarchs, especially since they were in heavy with Michael Cohen on the taxi medallion scam. Strongly suggest everyone avoid.

| Feb 7, 2021

I cannot comment on Bankdirect, but I can comment on the Bask Bank subsidiary. Opening this account to earn AAdvantage miles is the best move I've made in years! I am getting 100,000 frequent flier miles and that is more th...Read more.

| Apr 11, 2022

Torn between sticking with Purepoint which pays half this and moving all of my cash over here. I opened this account and found it very good except for long delays and lack of functionality that some others have (joint accoun...Read more.

| May 17, 2022

Does anyone there even check these banks before listing them on this site? This one won't let you move more than $5,000 a day, even rejecting external transfers over that amount (which in the past is the best way to defeat th...Read more.

| Jan 15, 2022

I've done some work with these guys. This is a New Jersey-based bitcoin ponzi scheme run by a bunch of 30-something Wall Street throw aways. If you must chase 51 bps, I suggest you do it somewhere else.

| Nov 18, 2017

This is a decent account until you need to withdraw something and then it is hell on wheels.

| Jul 17, 2021

I've been with this bank for 6 months and have not had any problems. Bill pay works good. The 24 month investing CD is another vechile I use. Rates are above average considering the national rate. I'd recommend this bank.

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