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| May 2, 2022

Never have I ever been treated so poorly by a bank in my life. I'm 82.

Mutual of Omaha Bank, a division of CIT Bank

| Apr 8, 2019

Their online interface is circa 2004. They limit the number of accounts you can set up for ACH. And they sit on ACH transfers.... for days. Not sure if the good rates are worth it.

| Sep 17, 2020

It is a complete game between MySavings, DollarSavings and Emigrant. Some days one has a competitive rate, the next day the rate on that one has dropped to zero and it is one of the other brands that has the highest rate. B...Read more.

| Jan 4, 2020

I am surprised at all the negative reviews. I have had several large CDs at this bank for several years, and I've gotten the best customer service I've ever gotten at any bank in the last 45 years.

MainStreet Bank
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