A Huge Dilemma for the American President

A Huge Dilemma for the American President

After a whirlwind trip to Ottawa during which Trump alienated our major G-7 allies, followed by a meeting with Kin Jong-un in Singapore in which Trump managed to alienate South Korea, our President flies home to Washington where he faces his biggest challenge yet since becoming President.

Larry Kudlow’s heart attack on Monday night runs the risk of keeping the National Economic Advisor in Walter Reed Hospital (or at the very least out of the White House) for an extended period of time.  Trump’s access to economic data and information that keeps him attached to reality is at risk.   Without Kudlow, Trump is now surrounded by Sean Hannity, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and a bunch of other low-level “yes men” and “yes women”.  With just these folks shaking their heads, Trump now risks becoming completely unmoored from reality.

Whether he is able to endure the coming weeks remains to be seen.

Image: Politico


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