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A Lot of Innocent People Will be Impacted, but Israel’s Territorial Sovereignty Must Be Secured Image Courtesy: Pixabay

A Lot of Innocent People Will be Impacted, but Israel’s Territorial Sovereignty Must Be Secured

It is impossible to watch the news today and not feel sorry for the scores of innocent people in Gaza who are unable to escape the territory due to the fact that they are being held hostage by Hamas and Egypt. Hamas has burrowed itself to... Read →
I Have a Chronically Torn ACL and Am Not Surprised Drew Stanton Played Out the NFL Season with One Image Courtesy: Sporting News

I Have a Chronically Torn ACL and Am Not Surprised Drew Stanton Played Out the NFL Season with One

Two years ago, I was playing soccer in Riverside Park in New York. I tore my left meniscus. At that point, an MRI confirmed that I had a chronically torn Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL) in the same knee. In other words, I probably tore... Read →

10 Ways Not to Make Big Bucks - Revisited After 10 Years

Ten years ago, I wrote an article entitled 10 Ways Not to Make Big Bucks. I had been frustrated then by the success of so many at the same time as I seemed to have been standing still. The markets were booming, salaries were... Read →

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Consistently Pay Your Bills on Time One of the most important components to improving your credit score is to consistently pay your bills on time. This does not solely apply to credit cards, auto loans or mortgage loans. It also includes... Read →

The Department of Labor is considering a new law that would tighten the advise that financial advisors can give to their clients. The White House Council of Economic Advisers estimates the ruling would save retirees up to $17 billion per year.

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Surveys show that most investors have only a rudimentary idea of what their mutual funds are invested in. But there are some simple concepts which only take a few minutes to learn that can help investors earn tens of thousands of... Read →

Earnest is a Silicon Valley start-up that has launched to offer consumers unsecured loans with rates as low as 4.25% APR. Loans are up to $30,000.

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Searching through the BestCashCow bank database, there are 722 institutions that are not only banks but that have Trust in their name. For example: Century Bank and Trust Company, or Alliance Bank in Trust Company. What does the Trust part... Read →

GE Capital has now moved heavily into the online savings bank arena, launching two separately FDIC insured online banks in 2013.

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Most people who want to leave money or property to their heirs think the best thing they can do is create a will. While a will is a good thing to consider—and it's certainly better than having nothing at all - here is a better option for some people. If you have accumulated significant assets (including property value), fear there may be a dispute over your assets when you pass on, own real estate in another state, or want to keep your affairs strictly private - out of publicly accessible court documents - then you may want to consider a living trust instead of a regular will.

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Hewlett Packard asserted on November 20, 2012 that it was the victim of massive accounting fraud in its October 2011 $10 billion acquisition of Autonomy. The issue of whether fraud occurred is fascinating, but secondary to the reality that Hewlett Packard - like no other stock in recent history - demonstrates the danger of chasing dividends and looking at PE ratios. Does the stock represent value here?

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With continuous dividend growth since 2004, and an astonishing dividend growth of 24% in 2011, Intel remains a safe bet for dividend investors.

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Earlier this month, Michael Santoli in his article, "Starting to Smell a Little Ripe" noted, "While it's perfectly reasonable for a mature, no-growth business to redirect what cash it generates to shareholders, the notion of investor-pleasing, dividend-boosting blue-chip stock of a structurally challenged company can't persist forever." Santoli makes a nice case of this argument with Waste Management in his article, but can the same be said for other stable, mature, and high dividend companies?

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Chevron has increased annual dividend to shareholders every year for the last 25 years with dividend growth likely to continue in the years to come.

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Microsoft has an ever-growing stash of cash and short term investments totaling over $60 Billion, but still has a long way to go before catching up to competitors like Apple and Google in the mobile, online, and consumer markets.

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