Ally Bank Reaching Out to Jaded Customers

People do not generally have a good feeling toward banks. But Ally Bank is trying to change that with exciting products and features for new and existing customers.

There are always dissatisfied customers in any industry of service. The banking industry is no different. But one bank is striving to change the perception that people have of the banking industry.

Ally Bank is offering no-penalty certificates of deposit to new and existing customers. You may not have heard much about Ally because it was once known as GMAC Financing until it was rebranded recently. Here are some of the details about the no-penalty CD:

• When you sign up for a 9-month CD with a 1.25% interest rate, you do not have to worry about a penalty fee for withdrawing some funds before the CD matures. In addition, this product has a 10-day best guarantee and daily compounded interest to help your money work harder for you.

Ally Bank has other services, too, that customers will find appealing in a bank. Ally's high interest rate savings account is just one of those products, but what is even more appealing is the fact that Ally will reimburse you for fees you incur by using another bank's ATM. Ally will do this if you are a customer with a checking that has an interest rate of at least 1.15%. Ally Bank also offers money market accounts at 1.49% with no minimum deposit and no monthly fees.

Ally Bank has a mission of being a different bank. With great CD rates and other new products, they want to change the reputation that banks have by creating a new customer-friendly atmosphere that will draw the trust of the customers back to the banking industry. And with reports of about $3 billion in secured new deposits, it looks like the bank is on its way to success.

Check out Ally Bank's rates today here.

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