Bank of America Overdraft Settlement Checks Begin to Arrive - $98.16

Bank of America Overdraft Settlement Checks Begin to Arrive - $98.16

In January 2009, we wrote about a settlement reached with Bank of America called Closson, v. Bank of America. Nearly three years later I received my check and it was a nice surprise- $98.16.

In January 2009, we wrote about a settlement reached with Bank of America called Closson, v. Bank of America. The settlement resolved a class action lawsuit filed over overdraft fees. According to the lawsuit, Bank of America engaged in practices which caused customers to overdraw their accounts more frequently. The bank settled the lawsuit for $35 million with an estimated payout of $78 per account.

As we explained in the original article, to claim the settlement, eligible customers needed to file online or mail in a claim form.

Nearly three years later I received my check and it was a nice surprise- $98.16. If you filed for the settlement award then look for a check in your mailbox over the next week.

For those of you who have questions about the settlement or haven't received your check, you can visit the settlement site for more information.

Sol Nasisi
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  • kaya

    November 04, 2012

    just received 23 bucks on my account. i'm jealous of the $100+ ppl out there.
    i paid prolly more than what i received. still, thx to ppl who fought for this.

  • Mike G

    November 04, 2012

    Damn just got 67$ gonna go buy an 8th! Thanks BOA!

  • Ant

    November 04, 2012

    Oh ok, that makes sense now. I too, being the skeptic that I am, googled what this "chking acct overdraft settlement credit" riff raft was and all I have to say is, Thanks to those ppl who filed it! I'll take my $25.46 to the bar, so this next round of vodka tonics is on me folks! :P

  • Susan

    November 04, 2012

    I got 44.88 :)

  • Ana

    November 04, 2012

    Just received a credited amount of $45.83 surprisingly the same day they worked some voodoo on my account and gave me a $35.00 overdraft. Irrelevant payment to current events, now they just need to stop overdrawing people for unnecessary reasons and credit me back again for this one.

  • Patti

    November 04, 2012

    Are you kidding me? Having gone over to the Closson site and read (granted I finally resorted to skimming through all the parties of the first part whereas's stuff) and I am APPALLED! Really, the BANK gets to decide what to pay based on THEIR records and IF the checks aren't cashed, they can keep the money,and of course monies available to customer payout is to be reduced by the amounts deducted to pay for their attorney fees? I did NOT receive any check and I've been with BOA for 11 years during which time they have over charged me numerous times over and costing literally hundreds of dollars in fees that should never have been levied against me and were due to their somewhat shady policies of running the largest checks through first and then bouncing ALL those little ones for $35.00 a piece, not crediting account deposits until AFTER running the checks through and all the other nifty, greedy, disgustingly underhanded methods of making unheard of profits from their "customers" who, in actuality are simply letting the bank borrow THEIR money in exchange for the bank keeping it SAFE (define SAFE please). I recently challenged one of their representatives on the phone about an overdraft fee charged against my account because after they ran my checks through, they decided to transfer money into my "Keep the Change" account. But WAIT, the amount to be transferred and that was to have been put into my OWN account was more than the account balance available making it too low to process according to their calculations of all transactions so they HAD to cancel that transaction and charge me an overdraft fee...WHAT? (note, they do not transfer Keep the Change amounts everyday, but allow sums to accumulate until such time as deemed appropriate to initiate a deposit based upon some obscure accumulation method...and I am sure that they would NEVER hire some whiz kid programmer to write a subroutine to calculate just when that most advantageous time would be). When I challenged her, she rattled off all the checks that had gone through on such and such a date and at such and such a time and then stated that my payroll direct deposit was posted after said checks had been run; I casually mentioned that I was under the impression that BOA had recently gotten into trouble for that kind of practice and that I had been told that all deposits made by 8:00 PM that day were to be posted that day (ESPECIALLY payroll checks) and the funds would become available to the account immediately by a visiting bank representative (VP) who was trying to drum up business at my place of employment. All qualifying deposits were to be credited prior to running any checks through to be cashed/posted. You could almost hear the sneer in her voice as she condescending told me that they had just recently taken a survey and that they found that this practice is what their customers preferred! Long story short, no $98.00 check ever received and just to throw a little salt on the wound, I got a credit in my account for a whole $43.00 yesterday without any fanfare or notification. I just don't know what I can do with ALL of that money. Once again justice is served.

  • Laura

    November 04, 2012

    I am the lucky recipient of $2.55.

  • Natasha

    November 04, 2012

    ...a whole $9.02...BOA has been engaging in highway robbery for soooooo long. These two dollar and nine dollar 'settlements' are amazing...just amazing.

  • JR

    November 04, 2012

    i got $194 yayyyy..even tho i paid over $1200 on od fees :(

  • Allegra

    November 04, 2012

    After paying well over $1000 in fees over the pay few years, on Nov 2, 2012, I received an account settlement credit of $88.63, YAY!!!<--sarcasm

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