Excellent CD Rates through Fort Knox Credit Union; Anyone Can Join

Fort Knox Credit Union has some of the best CD rates available in the nation, and membership is extremely easy, fast, and free.

Have you ever seen a great rate offered at a credit union but assumed you weren’t eligible because you didn’t meet the requirements for membership? According to the Credit Union National Association, federal statute dictates that credit unions cannot serve the general public and membership must be restricted by affiliations with employers or other organizations. However, as BestCashCow.com previously reported, many seemingly selective credit unions are actually quite easy to join, if you join another free affiliated organization. Fort Knox Credit Union is a great example.

This credit union’s membership is open to many groups you would normally expect: military and contractors affiliated with Fort Knox, and employees and members of certain Fort Knox area organizations. However, it’s also open to anyone who is a member of the American Consumer Council. Membership in the American Consumer Council is absolutely free if you join of one of their sponsoring credit unions (including Fort Knox Credit Union) at the same time.

Fort Knox Credit Union is currently offering very competitive CD rates, ranging from a 3-month CD at a 1.40% APY to a 60-month CD at a 3.00% APY. All CDs require a $500 minimum. The initial requirement for membership in the credit union is $15; $5 of which represents one share in the credit union, and the other $10 is a one-time membership fee. Once you are a member, you can take advantage of all of the credit union’s other offerings, including home and auto loans.

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