Great CD Rates At Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union's new rates are out, and they're still terrific!

Alliant Credit Union's got some great rates on CDs, and they've been unchanged since last March.

Their twelve month CD rate, at 1.75 percent APY, puts it on the BestCashCow CD list; second place, in fact.  Their eighteen month is currently the highest on the list with an APY of 2.00 percent even. The two year CD comes in at third on the list with 2.25 percent APY, their three year at 2.50 is also third on the list, and their four year at 3.00 percent is top of the four year list. Best of all, they're expandable--the CDs have a redemption date range, allowing you to turn a four year to be redeemed up to a year after its four year, turning it into a five year.

If you want to get in on these, first, you have to be a member of the Alliant Credit Union, and then sign up at a branch or online with ten thousand dollars to open a CD. It's amazing that a highly rated institution is offering top rates, since it could trade on its security, but it could be that a credit union has to work a bit harder than a bank might.

Alliant Credit Union is insured with the National Credit Union Administration, and Bauer Financial rates it a five-star "superior" rating, listed in Bauer's Recommended Report.

Credit for this find goes to DepositAccounts.

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