HUD Provides Millions for Housing Counseling

HUD recently announced that it was going to provide millions of dollars for housing counseling. Is this something you could benefit from?

Have you ever heard of such a thing as “housing counseling”? Before the housing crash of 2008, that term was probably unheard of by a huge majority of people in the United States. However, with the problems that have occurred in the mortgage industry as of late, housing counseling is becoming a common term and something that potential homebuyers are seeking.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, has announced that it is providing nearly $80 million for housing counseling. The program is designed to help families who find themselves in financial trouble stay in their home. It will also help potential homebuyers realize the responsibility of their mortgage payments. It will also help them find home mortgages that they can afford. The money is a 27 percent increase over the money that the department offered last year for the same type of counseling. That’s an indication of how bad this type of program is needed.

The money is going to be used by HUD-approved counseling agencies across the nation. It will also be offered to State Housing Finance Agencies which provide help for troubled mortgage payers who face foreclosure. The agencies also provide help and support to help consumers avoid mortgage scams, increase their credit scores, qualify for mortgages and other types of support.

According to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, the money is designed to help programs that will reduce the number of foreclosures. These programs help families make better choices through providing them with information that leads to educated decisions. The programs are not only for families who own homes, but also for renters who are considering a home purchase as well as homeless families or individuals.

Before receiving counseling, though, the agencies must send the families or individuals information packets with materials relating to mortgages, home ownership and other topics so the clients can read the information and have questions when they arrive for the counseling sessions.

Does this sound like something that might help you in your quest for owning a home or preventing foreclosures? If so, you can visit the HUD website to get more information about how you can sign up for a housing counseling program at an agency near you. With mortgage rates this low, you should jump at the opportunity to get into the housing market if you can because you never know how long they are going to stay this low or if these rates will ever come back again.

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