Make $100 with PNC Checking Account

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New, easy deal with PNC Bank offers $100 for new customers.

Now through September 30, new PNC Bank customers can earn a free $100 for opening a PNC personal checking account.

To be eligible for the cash reward, customers (as always) have to meet a few qualifications. The account requires ten PNC Bank Visa check card purchases within the first 60 days after opening and one monthly direct deposit. Only paychecks, social security, pensions and select other recurring monthly payments count as direct deposits, and the minimum for each month's deposit is $400. Customers must also open the account using PNC's online application, which can be accessed here.

This deal is only available to residents of certain eastern and mid-western states, but offers numerous advantages to those lucky customers. Among these perks, the best is that the checking is completely free: no monthly fees, no minimum balance.

Other benefits include free online banking and bill pay, eligibility for the Free Banking Rewards program, and non-PNC ATM reimbursements (for customers with a $2000 minimum balance).

After the initial 60-day period, PNC will automatically transfer the $100 to the account within the following two months.

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