Online Banking Not Being Adopted by Younger Users

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Online banking has been a hit with Gen X consumers but not so much so with Gen Y. Why?

The New York Times recently published these interesting results.

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Online banking has been a hit with Gen X consumers but not so much so with Gen Y.  Why?  Most likely because Gen Y (15-29 year olds) don't have the money to make it interesting.  Would you be interested in logging in to see a balance of $200?  How much can you really do if you don't have the funds yet to actively manage?

This, of course, makes me wonder about the future of services like  How can online banking on steroids really take route if plain old online banking isn't being embraced by the most plugged-in generation?

Maybe all of this will change once Gen Y start to accumulate their own money. But I think by then, there will be new services competing for their dollars.


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Sol Nasisi
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