Want To Save Money? Talk To Your Old College

The place that cost you so much money in your late teens and early twenties may help you save some of it now.

We all know that the economy, despite the numerous and comically bombastic statements to the contrary we see cropping up all the time, is still pretty much in death-spiral mode.  And chances are, you want to save a few bucks on the things you want, not necessarily for retirement but so that you increase the likelihood of being able to eat tomorrow and at the same time enjoying the trappings of modern life today. 

Well, it may surprise you to know this, but talking to your former college's alumni society might be able to net you some serious discounts on stuff you'd use every day anyway.

For instance, alumni are often offered special rates on "audit" classwork--or classes not taken for credit but rather to gain the information.  If you're planning a trip and want to learn a bit of the local language before going (always a smart move), then an audit course in Introductory Whatever would be a good idea to boot.  And since you're not taking it for credit, the costs can be vastly cheaper.

But that's not all.  Some colleges have allied with local business--pizza places, gyms, and everything in between--to offer discounts to those who are members of an alumni association.  I've personally received several credit card offers myself, and while I don't actually take anyone up on them, the possibility does remain.

So how can you get a piece of this free alumni cash?  Easy--just give your alma mater a call and ask.  Some schools have entire departments devoted to alumni concerns, and if you contact them, they can tell you all the great discounts you'd be entitled to, sometimes for a fee and sometimes not.  It'll be left to you, of course, if this represents significant enough savings to be worth signing on for, but with just a bit of legwork, you might be able to save some substantial coin.

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