Want Your Mortgage Paid this Month? Make Your House a Billboard
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Want Your Mortgage Paid this Month? Make Your House a Billboard

A startup company in Orange County is offering to pay a few mortgage payments for many homeowners. But what's the catch?

If you are willing to paint your home and make it a huge advertisement for Adzookie.com, a startup company in Orange County, California, you could get a few months of your mortgage paid. That’s exactly what 3,000 homeowners throughout the area and several in Chicago offered to do when they heard about the unusual offer earlier this week.

According to the CEO of the new company, Romeo Mendoza, having homes act as billboards for the company is going to have two positive effects for Adzookie.com. The most obvious effect is that it is going to be great advertising for the company. In fact, it has already been a great conversation starter as many people are talking about it now. The idea, according to Mendoza, is so “polarizing.” You are either for the idea or you are totally against it and that gets neighbors, friends and coworkers talking about it and puts the name of the company on the lips and minds of many people across the country.

The second positive effect that this idea would have is that it would help many homeowners who are in financial need and are having trouble making their mortgage payments. The people who had offered to allow their homes to become billboards in exchange for paying their mortgages had to make their offers online. They were also asked to fill out a survey at the time. About 90 percent of those who had offered to make their home an Adzookie.com advertisement reported stories of financial need. The remaining 10 percent said they just thought it would be fun.

In order for the chosen respondents to collect their money and pay their monthly mortgage bill, the home must remain painted with the advertisement for at least three months. Adzookie.com may extend that for up to one year, but the company will pay for the painting and the supplies. For each month that the advertisement stays up, the homeowner will have one month of their mortgage bill paid by Adzookie.com.

Mendoza is expecting to start off by painting about 100 homes in the Orange County area for right now and then expanding across the country as big name advertisers join in the fun. He also said the company would not violate any local rules that restrict any such advertisements or unusual paint jobs for homes.

Is this something you would do to your home if you were in financial trouble? Would you be happy if your neighbors did it?

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