WTDirect Offers Account Targeted Towards High-Balance Savers

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The WTDirect savings account is geared towards the investor who has $10,000 or more to invest. In exchange, the bank offers higher interest rates and exceptional customer service.

We’ve all seen online banks advertise great deals on saving account interest rates. The banks offer an extremely attractive interest rate, but in many cases, the offer is only valid up to a certain balance limit. Any deposited funds that exceed the balance limit earn a significantly lower interest rate than the higher advertised rate. So what do you do when you have higher amounts to invest but want liquidity? WTDirect offers a solution.
WTDirect has a personal savings account geared towards higher balances of $10,000 or more. The current APY offered is 1.21%, and they advertise that their savings account rate is consistently in the top 5% of banks. Balances under $10,000 earn a mere 0.15%, so this account definitely isn’t for people who want to invest lower limits. However, the bank will honor the 1.21% interest rate on any account balance for the first 60 days, to give customers a chance to try their service before they commit to a large deposit.
In addition to the higher interest rate on higher balances, the main benefit of WTDirect is their commitment to superior customer service. The company’s website states “WTDirect is not for everyone. Our Personal Online Savings Account is designed for savers in control of their finances who insist upon higher standards.” The bank provides a more flexible savings account and greater personal service in exchange for higher balances. As part of their pledge for higher customer service, the company boasts they have live representatives answer calls 7 days a week. Additionally, there are no fees for the account, no minimum deposit required to open an account, it offers free mobile banking, and an unlimited number of transfer links to other bank accounts.
WTDirect, a division of Wilmington Trust FSB, launched in 2006, but Wilmington Trust Company has been around since 1903, providing a variety of banking and financial services in over 80 countries.

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