The Blue Business Plus® Credit Card from American Express®

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Link your Business Blue account to your Membership Rewards account with a Gold or Platinum card and all sign-on and earned points will be directly transferred into one common account.

Point Accrual

2x points for every dollar you spend up to $50,000 each year.  The complete list of Amex's transfer partners is here.   

Why BestCashCow Likes

Those who want to segregate business expenses and earn double points on their first $50,000 in spend annually.  You may apply even if you don't have a business by entering your social security number when prompted to enter an EIN.

Calculating Your Value

Your Annual Points

With our default spend profile, this card can produce 53,600 points annually.

We value these points as high as 1.95 cents per point.

So, you can receive up to $1,045.20 in value per year.

Calculate New Values

Enter Your Estimated Annual Spend in Each Category to See How this Card Can Maximize Your Reward Earnings


Most Valuable Redemptions

While it is very difficult to find valuable redemptions with many of partners, we value Amex points as being worth as much as 1.80 cents per point when redeemed on ANA or Singapore airlines (both part of the Star Alliance and partners with United).   The complete list of Amex's transfer partners is here.   

Customer Reviews for The Blue Business Plus® Credit Card from American Express®

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  • August 17, 2020 |

    Earning 2x points on everything is the best way to run your business. Amex still has Delta, JetBlue and Singapore as partners and while the partner roster isn't as good as Chase, Chase doesn't have a card that gives you 2x points on everything. The point earning is so good and I also know people who run this one as a personal card which Amex will basically let you do, but I don't recommend that because you lose purchase protection, charge contesting abilities, etc. (things built into personal cards and not business cards).

  • September 11, 2019


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