Eight Tips On Saving Money When You Move Out and Move In

There is no way around the fact that purchasing a home and moving in will cost you, right? Although that may be true, there are ways in which the process can be made a bit less difficult. If you are willing to negotiate, put in some extra work as well as some special information on unique deals you can get your hands on. With, these eight tips you can save money on your move out and move in:

1. Not Everything Has To Come With You

It can be a pain to move furniture that you are no longer fond of, or appliances such as the fridge, washers or dryers that have been stored in the garage. If you include these in your home sale, you can potentially save not only money but also time and the unneeded hassle. Your old stuff may be appreciated by someone moving from out of state or first-time buyers and you will save on having to have it hauled to your new home.

2. Do Not Take The Flat Screen

If your mounted flat screen TV is over a few years old, it may be best that it too is left behind. It may not be worth the cost of having it taken down, the wall behind it repaired as well as the care that it takes to move it. There are always improvements on flat screen technologies. The prices are always lowering, so this is a great opportunity to invest in something better.

3. Always Negotiate

If you have bought a house in the past, or have been looking for a house, you are probably aware of what the closing costs are. You may not be aware of the amount that can be negotiated with a lender.

For starters, before choosing a mortgage lender, make sure you shop around. When you receive your GFE, good faith estimate of costs, it is not the end of negotiations. The list includes the lender's fees and other items like title insurance premiums and appraisal charges.

There are some fees that are charged by the broker or lender and other charges come from third parties. For starters, find out what fees originate from the loan and which ones are third party charges. Do not take a wild guess, ask the broker or lender!

Items such as city and county stamps, prorated interest and reserves, taxes and recording fees are non-negotiable. There are others that can be reduced or waived, but you need to be aware of them and ask to reduce them.

4. Barter For Your Services

If you have furniture or appliances you are getting rid of and you need a handyman, you may be able to barter. Ask family, friends, neighbors or coworkers for referrals and put barter to the table. You may be shocked at what you are able to get with what you already have.

5. Be Smart About Your Move

The thought of moving with the help of a few friends and a rented U-Haul is not all that appealing. Yet, if you are willing to put in the effort and the sweat, you will be able to save quite a bit. There are two important and enticing factors to consider when enlisting the help of friends: beer and pizza!

If you do not want to handle it all on your own, there are ways in which you can save on a hybrid move, for example:

Pack and unpack yourself

Stairs can add a considerable amount to the price of moving. Have everything ready and on one floor.

Cut back and you will save a bit by selling what you do not really want or need.

6. Look Into Hybrid Options For Moving and Storage

If you need self-storage wrapped into your move, companies such as U-Pack or PODS could be the perfect solution. The company will drop off a storage unit that is mobile at your current location and you will handle the packaging. Then they pick it up and move it to your new location.

This makes it a very good solution, especially for those who do have time between their moving out and moving in. This type of move can cost you as much as thirty percent less compared with traditional movers. But remember that you are responsible for the labor, not only the drive.

7. Always Take The Special Offers

You can always save a lot of money on move-in offers for phone service, the internet, and cable. They often come with a catch that will cost you later on. Keep an eye out for those special offers that are time-sensitive, like six months or a year before they expire. This means you will be left with a higher rate after the introductory period.

8. Do Not Rush Into Renovations

Once you have moved in you will get a variety of junk mail begging you to redo your loan refi as well as apply for as many as seventy-two different credit cards. It may seem like a never ending pile of junk mail but there might be some special offers for homeowners in there.

Keep an eye out for window coverings, flooring, landscapers, handymen and home furnishing coupons. If you are planning on renovating, shopping and fixing up the exterior or interior take advantage of these offers and cut back on the costs.

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