Forbes Announces List of Best Cities to Buy a Home in America

Trying to find the best city to raise your family? Forbes Magazine has a list of ideas to help you out!

Today’s mortgage rates are at an all time low. We may never see rates like this come around ever again. As a result, many families are buying a home for the first time ever. They are looking for the home that fits their budget but also one that fits into their dream as it may be the first and only home they ever buy during their lifetime. Forbes Magazine recently released a list of the best places in the United States to raise your family. Here are some highlights from that in case this is an important factor for you when buying a home.

Buffalo, New York
This town that borders Niagara Falls is Number 10 on the Forbes list of Best Places in America to Raise a Family. Buffalo was ranked highly because of its average household income and low cost for owning a home in the town. It also has a thriving economy based on the tourism to Niagara Falls.

Albany, New York
This beautiful city in upstate New York is a major draw for families looking for a quiet place to settle down. It has a low crime rate and high rate of home ownership. Albany is also rich in historical significance as it was the first official capital of New York so it has sites that have been around for more than 400 years. There are free concerts during the summer and many more events going on that attract families to the city.

Knoxville, Tennessee
This southern metropolitan town is nestled near the Great Smoky Mountains and surrounded by green trees and amazing views all year round. According to Forbes, the town has low home ownership costs but it also has a thriving economy. Forbes has also named Knoxville as one of the Top 5 Cities for Business and Careers in the last couple years, placing it just behind metropolitan cities like Los Angeles and New York. The median price for a home in this Tennessee town is roughly $185,000. Major employers in the city include Jewelry Television, HGTV, EdFinancial Services, Bush Brothers and Company and AC Entertainment, just to name a few.

Pittsburgh, PA
This home of the Steelers and Pirates ranks highly on the list of best places to raise your family for several reasons. With a population of about 335,000 residents, Pittsburgh is always included on the list of the best 20 places to live rated by the Places Rated Almanac. Its low cost of living means lower median home prices than in other parts of the country and the town is also positioned in an area that has very little chance of experiencing natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes. According to the 2005 edition of The Economist, Pittsburgh was rated as one of the two most livable cities in America and the 26th most livable in the entire world.

If livability and factors like these influence your decision when buying a home, keep coming back to read more. We will be posting more of the top cities for raising your family and getting the most for your money this week and in the future.

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