Giuliani is Way, Way Over the Line

Giuliani is Way, Way Over the Line

As a New Yorker who experienced 9-11 and a Republican prior to the party’s seizure by the current president’s people, I have found it very difficult to be publicly critical of Rudy Giuliani, no matter what absurd statement he makes in his desperate effort to defend his “client.”

I have experienced the devastation of Altheimer’s disease within my own family.  Giuliani’s erratic behavior and his inability to stick with a coherent argument leads me to believe that Giuliani is in some form or another suffering from many of the disease’s early and not-so-early symptoms.

Nonetheless, I cannot resist any longer.   The New York Times recently reported that Giuliani has contacted Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to criticize Romania’s anti-corruption drive. 

All indications, especially following the Cohen plea deal, point to the increasing likelihood that the last election was the result of a Federal racketeering scheme (that I first proffered months ago here).   To those outside this country, now more than ever before, the US appears as a nation that has, at least temporarily, become one of moral turpitude.

Since the end of the Cold War, the US’s involvement in Eastern Europe and Russia had as a foundation the promotion of the virtues of democracy and the law-based state.   Giuliani, who built his career as a respected jurist and a “law and order” prosecutor, has gone way over the line to promote the opposite.  It’s all very sad.  Frankly, I not only feel a bit sorry for the man, but I see clear and abundant indications of the very real illness he is experiencing.

Image: Courtesy: Politico


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