Macron's Victory is a Win for the 21st Century

Macron's Victory is a Win for the 21st Century

Democracy failed in America last November.  Great Britain is teetering. France was at the brink.

Finally, a win for the people who are not stupid and angry – the people who do not want to destroy civilization as we know it, as we want it for our children.

How nice that it is Europe – France specifically – that saved civilization from collapsing entirely.  With 65% of the vote, France said definitively that open economic borders are civilized and important and that the far right is a cancer on the world that must always be defeated.

The U.S. let the world down.  So too did Britain.  Viva La France!!!

Image: Courtesy: RTE


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    May 08, 2017

    You cannot compare France's election to either the US one or Brexit. Le Pen is clearly linked to neo-nazi all over Europe - there are just too many articles and pictures that proves it to post a link here. She's many steps ahead of Trump in terms of evilness / stupidity. If Le Pen had not been her father's daughter and part of Les Republicains or a new right-wing party things could have played out differently.

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